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  1. See my post above, check the above link first rather than waiting for the app!
  2. My Focus has been fine since April when I manually applied an update. The dealer did nothing (other than a TCU update in February that didn't solve it) and I fixed it myself once Sync updates arrived. Sensors fine, front speakers fine, no warning messages either. The start/stop is still intermittent but it's heavily dependent on length of journey and outside temperature. Basically Ford's start/stop is not as good as BMW/Audi's, which worked without fail at all times for me previously. Anyway, for the Emergency Call System Malfunction, I suggest you guys get hold of a minimum 16GB flash drive, format it, and head to here... https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ Enter your VIN (on the dashboard/a previous service invoice) and it will tell you if an update is available. Then you can follow their instructions (make sure you do this exactly as it says) and download it to the formatted USB drive with no other files on. It works better on Windows but is doable on Mac (which I had). From then on all you literally need to do is start the car, plug the USB in and let it do its thing. Takes around 15 minutes to install. Wouldn't bother waiting in OTA updates/FordPass. Let me know if you have questions.
  3. You may as well tell the dealer that too. Someone else in this thread had success returning it.
  4. Definitely phone Ford CRC, they need to know about it. Not enough of these cases are being reported to Ford, it's just staying with dealers. Another user on this thread successfully returned their car.
  5. I feel like it's only a patch, not a new version. I was expecting 3.4 but after the update it stayed at 3.3, just with working front speakers & sensors. Weird that you can't see the update. I totally get how frustrating it is and if the issue comes back I will be considering returning the car too.
  6. Interesting. I went here: https://www.ford.co.uk/owner/resources-and-support/sync-bluetooth/update#/ Punched in my VIN, got update files and went from there. Had no issues since (they'll probably come back).
  7. Don't wait for OTA mate - get a decent USB drive (8GB minimum) and just download the update onto there
  8. No worries. I went and scanned for updates and my car can't find it yet. It's available on the Ford website though to USB update. I'll give it a week. Cheers
  9. Ford Customer Relationship Centre - they're the go-between with the dealers. It's by no means perfect but logging it with Ford means they're hearing of more and more cases. I'd advise anyone with this issue just to log it. 02035644444 is the number!
  10. If the garage is closed, go straight to Ford CRC and raise a case. Ford need to know about all of these!
  11. Hi mate, I appreciate priorities are elsewhere currently, but did this ever go anywhere and did you get a new TCU? There's an entire thread on the "Emergency Call System Malfunction" around the Mk4 Focus, which is also linked to the TCU. Some have had success with replacements, mine got an update but it didn't fix it. The Mk4 TCU seems to have multiple issues.
  12. Update - left my car on the drive and tried the speakers again, now neither of the front ones work. Going to get back onto my case manager at Ford CRC. Once the current pandemic is over, I may consider my options with returning the car. Since October 2019 it's been 6 visits to the garage, 2 software updates, multiple calls and no lasting fix. Time to do something else.
  13. Interesting update - the car had been fine and running as expected, albeit with minimal usage to the current situation. Today though I noticed the rear speakers and only the left side front speakers worked, not the driver's side. An emergency button press fixed the issue... So it's half fixed? Gone from no front speakers to half of them... Will see if it persists.
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