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  1. I cursed it, front speakers not working again. Back to square one. The lack of coverage can be a reason for it to display the message, but this is happening consistently and in cities. It's a wider issue beyond just the coverage, as that would have nothing to do with front speakers not working etc.
  2. I'd be interested to hear how that goes. My dealer said if the April update doesn't fix it he'd accept mine back as a faulty good. Weirdly, mine has been fine recently. I've gone back to work and doing 50 miles a day means the battery is getting a good charge. Speakers/Bluetooth work, start/stop works, rear windscreen demister works... All fine. Before, if I left the car parked for 2 days, I'd sometimes get a message saying "low power mode" or similar. And when I'd get that, all the above wouldn't work. So for me it's pretty clear BATTERY! Will update if mine regresses.
  3. Had a call from Ford case manager today. No further news. It's 2020 Q1 now so the update is due by March... Still think it's battery related. Rear demister often doesn't work, start stop often doesn't despite a long run, and the front speakers/Bluetooth don't work at all now (until I press and cancel an emergency call). Will wait and see.
  4. Thanks for the response. The issue is, it's worked before and cleared fairly quickly. But your description of the bottom 4 lines not clearing is the same as I'm noticing now in the past week or so. Quite frustrating really! I'll keep an eye out too.
  5. Got a Mk4 Focus, bought August 2019. It has, of course, had the Emergency Call System Malfunction Error, but now in the cooler weather I've noticed the rear windscreen no longer clears when the setting is turned on. 2nd unique issue I've had in 4 months of owning the car. Anyone else had this?
  6. No mate, I don't know enough about it to do it. The dealer won't either just yet, I'm pushing Ford to. I'm loathed if I have to pay and fit a new battery myself. Have you?
  7. That's the thing; no one is really sure. The most promising line of inquiry is the battery. My car (Focus Titanium) went in for the 4th time last Friday. Having had one Sync update, and a Telematics (TCU) reset, the dealer then said there is currently no fix. They checked my battery and said it was fine, but just because it holds a charge doesn't mean it wouldn't loadshed. They believe another software update is coming in Q1 2020 (so could be as late as March) that is designed to cure it. I don't hold out much hope though, as a software update would not cure start/stop issues? The dealer himself said that if the update is late/doesn't work I'd have grounds to return the car as a faulty good. The official advice was then to log a call with Ford directly to raise a case. I have done so, and Ford are in touch to see what can be done. Anyone else who has been to their dealer should do the same, by the way. The number is 020 356 44444. I don't trust myself to fit a better, uprated battery, but I am adamant that Ford should inspect this for all people having issues. Will report back as I hear more from Ford.
  8. Yes, and it didn't work. Exactly for the same for me. I'm booked back in on Friday. The battery issue looks like it could be worth investigating.
  9. The Telematics reset removed the error message and issues with the parking sensors. However, the front speakers and phone still don't work when the car is started. Pressing the emergency button and cancelling does bring them back, but this has to be done before every journey so of course isn't a long term solution. And when I do that, the Start/Stop no longer works. Interesting comments on the battery above, and the talk of a recall. It won't be long before this wider issue gets picked up by Ford. Mine will go back in for the 4th time soon, I bet they have no idea what to say.
  10. Fair point. I'll go back to them soon.
  11. This is essentially the same. My Telematics reset cleared the error code and some of the symptoms, but the front speakers and phone don't work. Only fix is to hit the emergency button and cancel. Not sure whether to take it back again or just keep doing this and see.
  12. Try a Telemetrics Module reset when you take it to the dealer. It's worked for me in clearing the error message the majority of issues related to that. However, I've noticed today that my front speakers still don't work all the time for the radio. Parking sensor sounds come through, as do other notifications... Just not the radio. I'll see if it persists and if so, it's back to the dealer for a 4th time. There could even be a separate wiring issue for the speakers.
  13. So my Focus went in for the 3rd time today, with me mentioning Telematics and Fuse 11 etc. Because so many cars are affected, Ford have apparently issued a directive to all dealers to reset Telematics modules when they see this issue. Mine was reset today and so far so good. Obviously if there's any issues I'll report back here and take it in for the 4th time!! But anyone looking for a fix should mention this.
  14. So glad for this thread! I've not been able to remove Fuse 11 yet - don't trust myself not to break it as it seemed very fiddly. I got my Focus in August, this issue started in October, so no issue of data plans. I don't have an iPhone either. It's been to the dealer twice now, and had a software upgrade. They assured me it was fixed - 2 starts later and the problem came back in full force. The classic symptoms - no front speakers, SOS light bright red, phone not working, parking sensor noises too high. So a software upgrade does nothing. So disappointed at Ford. It's booked in for a 3rd time soon, and I'm going to make them do Fuse 11 and also check the Telematics chip as per this thread. Will loop back with info.