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  1. Just picked a new Kuga, same problem no sound through front speakers. Never realised this was a problem as I’m on my 3rd car with B & O. Wish I’d checked the forum before contacting the dealer to make aware. S.O.S trick worked but for how long I don’t know. Pretty rubbish on a day old car of you ask me!
  2. I’ve noticed this in both the ST Line X’s I’ve owned. It think it’s the large wheels combined with the camber in the road sometimes as they both done it on the same corner at the same point. One of the first things I tested when I picked the new one up.
  3. Rather someone else did the writing off for me. But yeh 182 was always on the cards anyway. 1.0 felt underpowered.
  4. It was 1.0 but oddly I can notice a difference in ride quality between the two. The new one rides smoother over bumps in the road.
  5. I’ve only ever had the twist beam on both so cannot comment on that. But overall I find the car a good drive. Also the reason being that the ‘68 was written off unfortunately. 1.5 is definitely a better drive. Having had the ST225 previously to me the car handles well, I’m pleased with it. Alas I did order to get multi link but missed out, but again I have to say the build quality is noticeably improved.
  6. Having owned both a ‘68 & ‘69 plate St Line X, I will say that there minimal changes. Just dropped the multi link, not noisy at all. Different Windscreen manufacturers between years/side glass and rear are same. Also the build quality has improved majorly! No rattles or squeaks and I couldn’t believe it.
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