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    K&n Cone

    Hey Nico. going to use my gaffa tape idea ;)
  2. SteveThePirate

    Ford Back Box

    Ebay is good for a cheap simple one, looking for something more special(pricey) then cherrybombs
  3. SteveThePirate

    Mk 6 1.6 Vs Mk 7 1.4

    Data from on the 08 1.6L Petrol Titanium Engine Size 1596 cc Cylinders 4 0-60 mph 9.6 s Power Output 118 bhp Valves 16 Torque 152 Nm 112 lb-ft Top Speed 120 mph
  4. SteveThePirate


    I put £35 in the other day and only got 30L. It makes me feel cheated, since although im 17 i can remember the days of 80p a litre and the riots/strikes etc that happened when it reached a £1. Now no one seems to care.
  5. SteveThePirate

    Ideas For Heat Protecting Airbox?

    Well i had a thought about like cutting the front bit of the cold air feed off. so it still is connected by the two top screws but now it can take air from like all the front rather than one side.
  6. SteveThePirate

    Ideas For Heat Protecting Airbox?

    Since ford decided to put the air box directly on top of the engine I find that it heats up very quickly, causing performance/mpg drops. Since insurance wont let me change to a cone air filter any ideas on ways O can stop the air box getting hot without invaliding insurance ? :)
  7. SteveThePirate

    Ideas For Heat Protecting Airbox?

    ok..well would it be a better idea to unplug the cold air feed? since i looked at it today and it seems like ford are very keen to put as much plastic in the way of cold air getting to the stock box as possible.
  8. SteveThePirate

    What Differences Between Mk6 And 6.5

    ah right. so im not missing out on much then :)
  9. Apart from the changed headlights and body kit ?
  10. SteveThePirate

    Ideas For Heat Protecting Airbox?

    Well there much be some benefit behind it otherwise people wouldn't be so interested in cold air feeds and getting rid of the standard air box.
  11. spent the day filming a car race

  12. SteveThePirate

    The Small Things That Make You Smile!

    You mk7s have nothing on the mk6..apart from being faster,lightweight, more efficient and more features.
  13. SteveThePirate

    Foc User Videos?

    Do you think/ is there a way to put user videos on the FOC videos section. My friend is making a movie soon so would love to put it on the site for all to see. And im sure other users have videos they would like to share :P Thoughts on this?
  14. SteveThePirate

    Off Topic - I'm Glad This Wasn't My Fiesta

    That cars tyres must be messed up. Although how the car got like that I dont know, since no one drives sideways on a motorway
  15. SteveThePirate

    Favorite Ever Driving Song

    Naaa Fans ftw. windows just blow my hair all over my face, very hard to drive with that. Ipod is better, you can have all sorts of music and not the rubbishy songs you find cds filled with
  16. SteveThePirate

    Favorite Ever Driving Song

    Pendulum - Hold your colour. Its a beaut song to have when the sun is shining through the windows and you got a cool breeze coming from the fans.
  17. SteveThePirate

    What Counts As Modifications?

    Would new pedal cover things count? I dis like the current ones since my foot rides up them so when doing lots of clutch work it gets very tricky and sometimes I stall in the middle of town, which never gets a good response from the people behind And these are like £2.25 :P Sporty asda pedals
  18. SteveThePirate

    What Counts As Modifications?

    Ive recently put neons my fiesta and then purchased a cone style air filter. I phoned the insurance company who told me i cant put my filter in til im 21 , at the time i forgot to mention the neons. so do neons count as a modification that affects insurance? , since ive read alot they're only bothered by modifications that affect performance(like the air filter) or ones that greatly affect the value (alloys) And if they dont count what else could i get away with before the insurance becomes invalid ?
  19. SteveThePirate

    What Counts As Modifications?

    Ah not mirror. i meant window, silly me. Should be yours with the tax holder?
  20. SteveThePirate

    What Counts As Modifications?

    Do stickers count as a modification? like a tribal one across the bottom of the rear view mirror Also, metal tax disk holder. yay/nay
  21. SteveThePirate

    Got To Share This

    Fantastic Find :D Made me lol, if i had the money to i would buy this car just to rip around corners and do stuff i wouldnt dare in my car.
  22. SteveThePirate

    What Counts As Modifications?

    You can get adjustable exhaust boxes , so if you driving late at night or in a heavily populated area you adjust it to make low noise. but if you want to show it off you friends or whatever you adjust it to full noise.
  23. SteveThePirate

    Handbrake Turn

    I'm curious to know what kind of damage you can do to the car when trying to do a handbrake turn. I'll admit I've done it once before but afterwards my friend came up to me and told me it can brake off the rear brakes, needless to say I haven't done it again. Although recently he did the same thing but a lot harder and sharper turn in his Saxo and he didn't seem to mind at all. I've tried googling the question but apart from tyre damage nothing much seems to come up. Note: When i did the handbrake turn it was in an empty car park with no one around so i wasn't being a risk to anyone, apart from myself.
  24. SteveThePirate

    What Counts As Modifications?

    1.6 L Ford focus with 2 performance mods...they'll love you :P Well I've decided to play it safe, rather not write off my first car :) already scratched it and slid into the curb when it was icy so ive done enough damage
  25. SteveThePirate

    Buying A Fiesta Mk4/mk5 ...

    I dont know if this is much interest to you but the 1995-1998 fiestas are more powerful compared to 1998 onwards. 1.4 Zetec-SE 1998- 1,388 cc 74 hp@5000 124 N·m (91 lb·ft)@3500 1.4 Duratec 2002- 1,388 cc 79 hp@5700 124 N·m (91 lb·ft)@3500 1.4 Zetec-SE 1995- 1,388 cc 89 hp@5500 123 N·m (91 lb·ft)@4000 Its from wikipedia for the zetec se engine