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  1. No am using a snap on diagnostic checker
  2. Cheers mate I have tried that I just at my wits end,, no code on obd2 scanner
  3. I own a 2013 fiesta detective. I was driving down the street and lost all power. The car would turn over but wouldn’t start. Then the enevatable happened. I charged the battery and it fired up, went to set off then it stalled again. So I replaced the battery tried it again but no hope. Am stuck and lost for ideas. It’s also not showing a fault code.
  4. Any ford owners wanna meet in Lincolnshire somewhere am free most nights
  5. Yeh it lasted a while before I got mine repaired but the risk is you don’t know how long it will last depends if you have the money to replace the whole clutch but as you have it off you may aswel replace all
  6. I passed my car test and always wanted to do my bike test. I have a YZF R6 which I use as a track bike, I have only ever used bikes on track never road use
  7. It sounds like a similar problem I had with my car, when I finally got down to the nitty gritty it was the thrust realise bearing
  8. Need some help and advise i have a Ford Fiesta 2013 Zetec. The header tank has started bubbling and leaking when the car gets hot and has been stood for a moment of time on tick over I have checked the head gasket and the pressure and all seem ok am thinking thermostat could be sticking
  9. I had the same fault and it was the thermostat sticking
  10. Hi am Shane from Scunthorpe, I sure if anyone is from this way on Just bought my first fiesta (Mk7 I think) it’s pretty much standard for the time being. Apart from that lots which I hate but they will do till I can get some standard alloys. plans for the car set of coilovers st spoiler ( already ordered ) st rear diffuser ( already ordered )
  11. Hi am from Scunthorpe where about you from
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