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  1. Fiesta 1.4TDCI (52REG) - Starting problems

    Just wondering has anyone found out what this problem is? I still have the this happening with mine?
  2. Hello their again im back again with bit of a problem. I've got a fiesta 1.4 tdci on a 53 plate and have this intermitant starting problem, when cold after waiting for the glow lights to go out i crank the engine, it turns over 3 times then stops before starting. It will do this a number of times before starting and runs fine. I have done all the things suggested previously which included cleaning the egr valve and have now just replaced the injector seals and return pipes. It does run better and has lost a surdge in power it had but has not solved the annoying problem early in the mornings. If anyone has had this problem or could help me please im running out of options and ideas. Many thanks Ashley
  3. Fiesta starting problem

    Thanks for your help, ive cleaned the egr valve and that made a differance to the surging but did nothing for the starting, if it was the injector seals would it stop the engine from turning over?? it will only turn over 2 or 3 times then stops or would this be the ecu telling it to stop?? did yours continue to turn over or did it stop like mine?? Cheers Ashley
  4. Hello i have a problem starting my fista 1.4 tdci, it turns over 2 or 3 times then stops i have to repeat this a number of times to start it in the morning. Any ideas??? Many thanks Ashley. Sorry i should have put in a few more details its a 53 plate with 69 000 miles. It also has a surge or sudden pull at around 2000 rpm this does not happen all the time usually when im gently excellerating, i have checked for fault codes and none are present, i was going to take the egr valve off tomorrow and clean it as i have read they can cause this problem. Thanks again Ashley