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  1. sounds like it's either not adjusted or the front is slighlty out of line, perhaps it's had a bump. When shut, does the bonnet line up perfectly? if it's a little high then the rubber need lowering. If it's perfect you might have to adjust the catch to slacken it. Assuming there is adjustment in it> I would be wondering why it's been set up like this though, it wouldn't be that bad when new so it's been apart for some reason.
  2. Anyone need a pair of Winter tyres for a Mk1 KA or Fiesta? Vredstein, Part worn, on KA rims. Open to sensible offers.
  3. RRB

    Interior controls

    Very jealous. Our last Capri was destroyed in a fire (set deliberately) and our Ghia went to Ireland in the end.
  4. A picture would be helpful. There are a number of contactless ignition system that Ford used in the 80s and the principle will be the same on the Sierra, which is more common. Does yours have the vacuum advance?
  5. There's a good place around Clay Cross but I can't remember the name (for the engine). It probably needs a strip down and overhaul, you can do most if it at home but it's worth having the bores checked. If you want to go faster, the Mk1 XR2 had the Escort 1600 cross flow in it. With a decent exhaust, carbs and decent ignition you should be able to get 75BHP without changing anything inside. Do you have a picture of it?
  6. The readily available kits were just 2 short lengths of box each side, welded one on top of the others, staggered, so that they mounted to the old mounts and provided a parallel face behind the old mount to bolt the new one. Some folkds drilled the spot welds from the original and moved it.
  7. £50 is a good price, even 4 doors are worth a bit now because 2 doors are soooooo expensive. The bit between te bumpers rusts like mad. Check 'A' pliiars inside and out, check sills thoroughly, they have a reinforcing box inside some of them and this is often misssed by poor restorations. Check the heater cowl hasn't rusted out, you need to look under the dash for this. Rear wheelarches and rear lower quarters. the rear chassis is double skinned, check carefully for crusty creaky box sections, especially around the spring hangers. There so many repair panels available nowadays, but of course the cost mounts up......
  8. RRB


    There's always a market for parts in good condition, provided of course they aren "wear" parts like brake pads. What you got?
  9. Do you have a picture of the one you are trying to identify? the part number is a Fiesta, designed in Britain IIRC. and '79 is going to be mark 1.
  10. Single or Twin choke? advice or parts needed?
  11. From what i remember that sound right, they are British designed parts and the first (unrevised0 version of that part number. The photo also looks right. Nice find!
  12. RRB

    MK1 escort

    If you haven't got it sorted, I can have a look in the manual, but i think that's right although I'm not sure that Cologne was also 'A', not after FOE was launched anyway. Chassis number starts with Country of origin, plant, model line, body style, year, month. the introduction of standardised vehicle ID numbers has done away with the month of manufacture.
  13. Has it been registered in the UK? if so you can apply for the log book in your name, they may conatct the previous owner so some sort of receipt may help. if it hasn't been regostered i think you can still apply and you will need proof of the date of construction, which is great as you'll then get an age related number and tax exemption.
  14. Could you tell us where to get the diagrams, or could you share them with us please? If the fan doesn't come on, does that tell me anything?
  15. You have to remember that Ford are buying what, 5,0000 tyres a day and so the price they pay is radically different to what you get charged at the garage. The cost is vastly influenced by demand and availability. The spec of tyres fitted can also change due to availability from suppliers, you can imagine a range of scenarios whereby supposedly identical cars end up with different boots, and that's before the deals start offering "specials". As well as changing the size, ask about a different brand. Some have a very stiff carcass and others not so. BTW there are some really good tyre size calculators on line that allow you to compare different tyre sizes.