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  1. Yes, it should do. Same engine. Only difference between MK7 & MK8 is the air intake.
  2. Use a heatgun or hairdryer. Heat gently, should help. Gentle, small turns. Use soft grip pliers if you need to use more force. Once out, apply a little grease to the Maf senors o-ring to help get it back in smoothly.
  3. I used a heat gun on my MAF sensor. Be gentle when you turn it. You may need pliers for extra grip. If so, use soft grip pliers & use gentle nudges. Once out, apply a tiny bit of grease to the O-ring before you put the sensor back in. This will make it much easier to twist in & back out.
  4. Im not sure what it is, some kind of sensor maybe. I unscrewed mine, then gently cable tied it to the nearest pipes or hoses. Im surprised Airtec & all the other companys have not yet made a compatible heatshield that you can screw the sensor into. My MK8 is Euro 6.2, which has the GPF. Maybe its a sensor for that.
  5. Hi guys, happy new year! 😀 Just got back from suffolk to southend. Longest drive for my new mk8 st line 140ps so far. The car cruises along nicely, but i feel like it struggles for air a bit. Ive tried the ST dual air intake, but wouldnt fit due to a hose being in the way. Im already running an airtec induction kit, with primary & secondary hoses. Anybody know of any other mods to fit to get more air in? Cheers. 👍😀
  6. Excellent info/advice. 👌😀 Thanks very much guys, Iain
  7. Hi guys, My ST Line MK8 140ps has now hit 1000 miles. Oil life is at 94%. Is that normal for that milage? I take it the percentage equals the amount of oil you have left. Thanks for any advice. 👍😉
  8. Alright guys, Currently running an Airtec induction kit with primary & secondary SD hoses. The sound is nice & blowoff is louder, but I swear it feels a little bit sluggish compared to stock airbox. Car isnt mapped yet. Considering going back to stock with high flow filter. Anyone else have same setup? MK8 ST Line 140ps
  9. That's great, thanks for the reply. How are you finding the car after installing the map? Cheers, Iain 👍
  10. Hi guys, has anybody had success with a remap from Superchips? Ive just got a 2019 MK8 ST Line 140ps & looking to map it after putting a few miles on the clock. My Fiesta came with GPF & wonder if that matters or not when remapping. Thanks for any help. 👍🙂