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  1. Just been out again with my scanner, and found out at idle the fuel pressure is around 200 bar (seems a bit low?) and that even when the engine is running at constant RPM, the pressure will bounce from around 180 bar to 220 bar. When I press the accelerator the pressure increases quickly, however when it drops back down it drops very low, to around 120 bar, where I feel the engine judder, then bounces back up to 200 bar. When the engine is running there is also a lot of vibrations in the cabin. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, not quite. When I turn the key it fires pretty quickly and the needle jumps up, but bounces around for a while before eventually settling. Just looked at fuel pressure and it bounces around a lot.
  3. Thanks guys will give the glow plugs a look. I should also mention I changed the EGR valve recently however it had no effect. I've heard this could also be the fuel pressure regulator, does anyone agree?
  4. Hi, I was thinking that although apparently diesels don't have them.
  5. Hi all, I've been working on this 2009 Ford Fiesta for a while now with a 1.6tdci engine. I've managed to fix most of its problems however one has left me scratching my head. When the engine is cold if I start the engine the revs will bounce around for about 5 seconds, but after this it maintains a steady idle. However if I bring the revs up and let them come back down, it will be fine for a moment, then almost stall, then recover and be fine again. After about 30 seconds when the engine has got a bit of warmth these problems go away and the car will drive perfectly well. I should also point out that if I bring the revs up during this time period it will feel like the engine has a misfire. If I connect my scanner to the engine whilst it is cold, I can see that when the revs come back down, the fuel pressure drops too far, then suddenly comes back up and the engine recovers. I have also noticed that when I turn the key off the fuel pressure drops off quickly to zero (after about 15 seconds). I thought this was an injector problem so bought another one and started swapping them around, however this had no impact. I did not change the injector codes whilst I was doing this, so could that cause a problem? If anyone has any advice it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi, thanks for finding that! I haven't been able to find that anywhere. If you could send me the link that would be great. I'm looking to test the wire on pin 28, however as there are 3 connectors going into the ECU, which one would have pin 28?
  7. Hi all, just a quick update So after replacing the injector seals and a few sensors, including the EGR, most problems have gone away. However, I still have the p0405 code, which leads me to believe I have a wiring problem.? I am trying to test the EGR sensor wire, however not sure which pin of the ECU it is. Anyone know where I could get a wiring diagram?
  8. The fuel filter is apparently made by crosland filters. I haven't heard of them before so not sure if it's good or not. Pulled the injectors out today and all 4 were covered in diesel to the point where they were dripping into the cylinder whilst I was taking them out. I'm assuming this isn't normal! Do you think this could cause the revving as extra diesel was being pulled into the cylinders? Certainly explains the leak! Luckily I've got a pack of all new seals so should be an easy fix.
  9. Thanks guys, Got forscan installed on my laptop this morning and got it working to find the following codes: P0405 for the EGR as before. P0698 voltage reference circuit C low. U0073 Control module data bus off. The last two codes appeared when the engine suddenly stalled, and makes me think this is a wiring issue - maybe a cracked loom? Also tested all of the glow plugs and found one of them is indeed dead, so will be replacing it. Took off the EGR and it looks as though it hasn't been replaced since the car was new, so will be replacing that also. I monitored the fuel pressure compared to RPM again this morning, and found that as the RPM increases the fuel pressure actually drops - any ideas why this would happen?
  10. I think I've got very unlucky with this one! Feels like everything's failing. I hadn't thought about glow plugs before, as I haven't got an error code for them, so I will definitely give those a test tonight. It seems to be fresh diesel lying around the injectors, however I can't see it leaking from anywhere. I have bought a pack of new injector seals so hopefully I can take a look at the injectors at the same time. I was hoping it would be the throttle pedal itself causing the RPM jump, but when I monitored it the throttle percentage stays constant whilst the RPMs rise, and seems to change correctly as I press it down. I didn't realise the EGR could cause it to stall, so I'll take that off at some point and see if it's blocked up. As for my OBD reader, I have a cheap ELM327 Bluetooth one. Can I get Forscan on my phone? Thanks!
  11. Hi, yes should have included that. It's the 16 valve 90bhp engine. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I hope you're ready for a long read, as I've got completely stuck and am in need of some help! So recently I bought a 2009 Fiesta 1.6TDCi for very cheap, as it would not drive since the DPF was blocked solid. I then fitted a new DPF and away the car went, or so I thought. After driving for 10 miles or so, I noticed that the cooling fan had been running for a long time, odd I thought, since the coolant temperature seemed normal! However the car seemed to drive perfectly. Suddenly, though, out of nowhere 'ENGINE MALFUNCTION - SERVICE NOW' appears on the dash and the engine instantly cuts out, leaving me coasting to a stop. The engine would restart, however would splutter and stop when trying to pull away. After towing home and connecting my OBDII reader, I got a P0087 Fuel Rail pressure too low code. I left the car for a day, and after clearing the code, the car seemed to be fine. Therefore I went for another drive, monitoring the fuel pressure along the way. As last time I drove it, the car seemed to be fine, and the fuel pressure was showing no strange anomalies when accelerating. However once again, after a few miles of driving and then engine warming up, it suddenly dies. However this time I get a P0698 Sensor Reference Voltage C Low code. The car would now refuse to start whilst the code was present. Although, if cleared would start, and idle very roughly and loudly until it quickly stalls. I then read up online, and decided to unplug the EGR valve, as it is apparently a common cause of this problem, however this did not help. After more reading into my symptoms, I decided to replace the camshaft position sensor. This did appear to fix my problems, as the car would now start and idle smoothly. But, when attempting to pull away to re-park, I pressed the accelerator and the revs suddenly shot up to around 3K rpm, and pressed me into my seat! I thought this was very strange, and whilst playing with the accelerator found that I could gradually increase the rpm to around 1500, however after this it would shoot up to 3000, with only slight accelerator input. I have since tried unplugging the MAF, MAP and DPF sensors, however they have made no difference. The only strange thing is that whilst monitoring the fuel rail pressure, when I gradually press the accelerator, the fuel pressure rises as the RPMs increase to 1500. But, once the RPMs start to shoot up to 3000, the fuel pressure does not seem to increase much, until I take my foot off and everything drops back to normal. This brings me to today, when I tried starting the car, and I got a very rough idle (could see the needle jumping up and down). A couple times it dropped so low the low oil pressure warning light came on, however it then recovered itself. I tried revving the car up at this point, and it was very rough, and sounded as though one cylinder wasn't firing! It seemed to go back to 'normal' (smooth idle and revs suddenly shooting up with accelerator) once it was slightly warm though. At this point there is now only one code - P0405 EGR Valve position sensor A circuit low. This seems odd as I've had no EGR related problems before. This is basically as far as I've got, the only things to note are: The car currently has 135000 miles, and I was told by the previous owner the fuel filter was recently replaced. The fuel filter housing certainly looks new, however I cannot find an invoice for the fuel filter itself. When I bought the car, I noticed a lot of what seemed to be diesel on top of the engine and around a couple of the injectors, and it has run down the side of the engine. When the car is turned off, the fuel rail pressure quickly drops to 0 within about 20 seconds. Seems to be quite a strong smell from the exhaust, however this could just be me. The problems seem to start once the car has warmed up, and are sometimes 'fixed' once it is cold. At this point I can't tell if it's a mechanical issue or an electrical one - or both! I greatly appreciate any light that can be shed on this, as I am not a mechanic by any means so I am completely confused at this point! Any ideas?