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  1. @simonb65 Does satnav and other Sync3 functions continue to opperate while the update is processing? I guess that has been my major concern, on long journeys I tend to rely on satnav
  2. Just trying to understand this. I've had a USB stick with Sync 3 system update waiting in my glovebox since I started this thread but I don't want to sit with the engine running for 30+ mins. Are you saying both Sync 3 and map data can be updated even if the Sync 3 system is occasionally switched off during that process?
  3. How much AdBlue does the tank hold? Is there good and bad options when buying it. I'm wondering whether you always get a filling tube
  4. When first opening the drivers door from locked there's a squeak, like a solenoid actuating near the off side rear wheel. I'm sure it's supposed to do it, I've read something somewhere commenting on this but I can't find that now. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what it is. 2019 ST-Line with keyless entry if that makes any difference
  5. I had my wiper arms adjusted back to the windscreen marks by my Ford Dealer under warranty this morning and all appears okay now
  6. Thanks @simonb65 I'll check where they are sitting when there's daylight out there. I had this wiper system on my previous car (Kuga) so I'm familiar with it. Wipers on that car performed flawlessly for 3 years and 30k miles. As you suggest, I'll be asking the dealer to sort it but it's worth knowing the fault prior to asking them for help.
  7. I've noticed that my wiper arms frequently thump down into park. They work reasonably correctly and quietly when working in heavy rain but when responding to small amounts of rain using auto-wipe and when I wash or flick to manually wipe or wash they don't always stop in the intermediate park position, instead they go all the way down and sound like they are hitting the scuttle with a bang. Is this normal? do other owners experience this? It's a 2019 ST-Line if that makes any difference
  8. I've had my car for a month now and, although I was initially intrigued by FordPass remote start, I've never bothered to try it. I think I'll get more use out of being able to pre-set a satnav destination. It's a bit like auto-park for me. It's available but I'll never use it
  9. Cheap eBay batteries often have poor power output and therefore report as 'low battery' from new. Better to pay a little more and buy from the high street or a Ford dealership
  10. True but that assumes it's a Ford Edge or the bus. You're going to have to pay VED regardless. The cost for a Ford Edge is an extra £25(ish) per month. Still annoying but now only half as bad
  11. Not sure what this means. Is there another website where additional updates reside or are they all downloaded in the same batch from the resources-and-support site linked above? Sorry, I'm new to this technology stuff 😁
  12. My WiFi connection is very weak so I've formatted a flash drive and extracted the update files. The instructions say 'start the engine'. It then suggests that the update will take 25 to 30mins. Have I got to sit in my car with the engine running for the entire update process?