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  1. I understand from a facebook group that FordPass has a set-up to dip the angle of the nearside door mirror when reverse gear is selected. Apparently only available on cars with Lux Pack and memory seats. Has anyone here managed to set this up
  2. The rigid hull is in four pieces that lock together to form the inner tub. Unlike normal RIBs my hull isn't independantly watertight but the tube has four compartments and the boat is safe with only two compartments inflated. I like the added sense of stability of the rigid hull but also want to use the boat when I'm away with the caravan and only one tow vehicle
  3. I tow a T@B 320 (little teardrop shaped 2 berth caravan), obviously that little thing doesn't make much of an impact. I do however have to remove the rear seat so that I can fit the folded 3.8m rigid hull inflatable, 20hp outboard, folding trailer and luggage
  4. My indicators are all working and flashing at the normal speed but the dash indicator lamps and 'click' are going at double speed. I assume it's informing me that there is a lamp failure but all the lamps are working as they should. Any idea what this means?
  5. The bi-turbo engines have a 12 monthly service interval
  6. Thank you for all these responses, I'll accept that it is possible to drive with the smaller rolling diameter wheel without causing damage though I won't ever do that. I do not agree that it is safer to use a smaller rolling diameter spare than to use a spare that is the same diameter as the standard road wheels.
  7. Can you please explain how you know with such certainty that no damage would occur or did you mean 'in your opinion'. Let me put this another way, as I suggest above, fitting a spare with the same rolling diameter as the standard road wheels can only be better. Planet gears within the differential are not engineered to rotate constantly or at speed and this will occur if you fit a smaller diameter wheel. Ford sell very few cars with 20" wheels. Most other Ford space savers are the same diameter as their road wheels. Both of my Kugas had space savers and those were the same diameter as their road wheels. Being narrower isn't a problem, being shorter is
  8. I'm thinking of getting a full size S-Max 17" 7.5J steel spare. Swapping the S-Max tyre for a 195/70-17 would give a sensible rolling diameter spare. This is an issue for Audi & BMW drivers on 20" rims too. There is evidence that driving any distance on the standard spare risks damage to the differential gearing and the traction control system won't like it either as one reluctor ring will spinning too fast
  9. Not for me but I'm sure some folk would like this aggressive look
  10. These work very well, many countries accept it as a perminant repair. I think it's safe for a rear tyre, not sure I'd trust it more than emergency on the front. I've done one repair using this system, works well, completely sealed, so I can give it 100% success on a sample of one. I should add, I've put one of these kits in the boot, I think I trust it more than the badly sized space saver.
  11. I know a lot of manufacturers now provide tyre weld kits in place of spare wheels and I'm considering it for my Edge but I'm worried that the goop may impede the operation of the pressure sender. I'm very uncomfortable with the standard space saver, I'm happy with it being narrower but it doesn't seem right that it stands a full 2.5 inches shorter that the standard wheel. So bad in fact that it makes it impossible to close the power tailgate due to body twisting. Does anyone have knowledge or experience of tyre weld issues regarding the pressure sender?
  12. My Edge ST-Line has 255/45-20 tyres giving a rolling diameter of 738mm. My space saver is 155/70-18 which has a rolling diameter of 675mm. That's 2 1/2 inches shorter. I'm assuming they've put the wrong space saver in. Can anyone with 20" rims tell me the size of their space saver tyre.
  13. What is the on board modem? I can see it in the Sync3 system options but I don't know what it is.
  14. This is mentioned above. The piggyback has some plastic guide strips that need to be knifed off. When you examine the piggyback and the fuse that it is replacing you'll see what needs to be removed
  15. Definitive guide to DIY AdBlue towbar fitters. TowTrust bar fits but be sure to avoid old stock. A modification was made for the AdBlue tank but the part number was not changed TowTrust part numbers: TFD16 fixed flange. TFD16SN swan neck. TFD16VK detachable swan neck TowTrust site quotes higher price than actual. Example detachable swan neck quotes £438, actual price when you talk to them £230 TowTrust site says the bumper cover does not need to be removed. It does, the AdBlue tank needs to be lowered and the top support bolt is not accessible with the bumper cover in place