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  1. Thanks for replying I've had so many problems with this car I'm going through every avenue as to why it's always in the garage
  2. Gary Lewis


    Hi all the age old question I have an ecoboost 140 is there any benefits running it on premium unleaded or the standard stuff
  3. I was looking at the new puma ,I suppose after driving Ford's for over 30 years had to come up with a duff one sooner or later this isn't the first problem ,head gasket,oil pump been in the garage 5 times since new such is life better luck with the next one hope fully ,just have to keep trading them in before warrenty runs out lol thanks for replay guys much appreciated
  4. Thanks took it to ford who tell me needs a new turbo, thank god it's under warranty
  5. Hi all have a problem with my 1"0 ecoboost 140 when I put the foot on the gas a wisling noise comes from the engine bay then without warning the power drops like the cars gone to limp home mode when you hit the gas nothing happens then it will suddenly pick up again then repeat 18 plate any ideas thanks
  6. Hi was driving home from work today when the traction control light came on, it stayed on the whole way home, also a message come up saying all drive modes we're disabled and when at a standstill hill assist was also disabled does anyone know what the problem might be many thanks
  7. Can someone help what's the best product to use to get the ground in dirt from the brake calipers many thanks
  8. Can someone please tell me what mileage the plugs on a fiesta 140 ecoboost need changing please
  9. Just had a call from a neighbour her car stuck at supermarket, not shaw if its battery or starter motor when she turns the key very quick clicking noise comes from engine bay car is ten years old fiesta 09 1.4 any ideas please
  10. Stupid thing is have got so many friends with a garage who could have done the job but car is still under warranty and because the garage was so close to the house 5min walk was obvious choice, so much for keep it. Local
  11. Didn't really know about ford approved garages, still got all the logos macanics in ford overalls, it was only after talking to the main dealership, and ford customer service I found out, still at last the leak now sorted.