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  1. My mother in laws was doing this, new battery sorted it out and it’s like new again. She bought one from EBay for around £40 and is working fine. after 3 years your run time must have been severely reduced, should think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how good the V8 can be again after a new battery 🙂👍
  2. We recently replaced a mk7.5 1.6 zetec s diesel with a mk8 1.0 140 ST-line x, we knew the mileage wouldn’t be as good but it’s so much worse than expected or rather than Ford states.... probably has a little to do with how much more fun it is to drive though 😁 other than the mpg I have to say I’m blown away with the performance of this engine though, fantastic car.
  3. @sonicninja I’ve recently done exactly this using a kuga Sony Dab in my ST150. Wasn’t keen on the silver surround though so switched that with my standard dark grey Sony surround. @Stoney871 has done an awesome guide (cheers mate 🙂👍) which helped, I planned to follow it but trying to cut costs I tried a combination of an aerial splitter and then some cheap adapters to connect it to the back of the stereo. I’ve replaced my aerial and base though with the one sold on paintmodz, looks the business and receives a DAB signal perfectly in my car. Only negative, you will lose the info displayed behind the steering wheel telling you the name of the radio station, I haven’t missed it though, far too happy listening to DAB to notice 😁
  4. Hi folks, glad to have joined! Always had Fords in the family, from my Dads Sierra he had as a Taxi to an XR2 I fixed up as a teenager (but couldn’t afford to insure when I passed my test 😭) Many Fords later and I now have a Fiesta ST-Line X 140 as my main car and my Dog-mobile is an ST150 with the back seats removed so he can fit 😁
  5. I just did this on mine. I wasn’t keen on the stuck on window DAB aerial so opted for an aerial splitter and the adapters needed to connect it. Combined with the paint modz aerial and newer style ford base I get a perfect Dab signal. You do lose the radio display behind the steering wheel with this stereo but strangely I gained some functions on my stalk controls, mode now switches between sources.
  6. Quality mate, nice upgrade! Just about to attempt this myself, did you ever figure out getting the radio info to display on the dash? is there still an option in the menu to display on dash or does that not appear anymore?