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  1. how does the manual car stop start at juntions do you hold down clutch and brake at same for it to work or what on autos its the brake and accelerator as you press accelerator it starts back up
  2. mine does exactly the same i think it is to stop you leaving it switched on when leaving the car
  3. All done now updated to forscan 2.3.33 as Andy said already had elm obd 11 usb plug with ms & hs toggle switch on took all of ten mins to do so thank you to Andy and the team at forscan who did the upgrade to forscan 2.3.33 that now makes it easy to program the tow module
  4. Hi Andy just got forscan and elm327 obd2 usb plug just need courage to do it watched loads of you tube videos on subject waiting for lock down to finish then son can come and help do it Andy did you take your edge to ford at york as that is who could not do mine
  5. Thank you Hamster for your help I will do that keep safe every one in these trying times
  6. Hi I have a 2017 edge sport 210 bhp model ford have told me that it does not have the tow module on it so they can not code it to display trailer attached on screen when I checked yesterday taking off rear inside panel I found it had a fomoco MOD&BRKT ASY TRLR ELE DG-9T 19H3780F 163102 PLD ARO1YQK. DUNS NO 401154265 Supplier code GLEKB PN 28512441 fitted with the correct plugs and two wires with 15 amp fuses in proper fuse holders fitted is this not the tow module and if not what is it and what else does it need to correctly identify when towing it has sync 3 screen it is a witter detachable tow bar and all the lights work on caravan as it should and it does work caravan fridge and pin 9 is permanent live on 13 pin plug
  7. just finished updating my edge sport took three times down loading update with twice it came up error on car screen third time lucky took a time to load first part easy then you need to stop car turn it off wait 2mins then start it up again without removing usb stick it finally came up on screen update complete and it even uploaded file to submit to ford site to finish it off
  8. Hi Owen how about £100 Inclusive of postage by either bacs on delivery or Paypal for the roof bars complete I have the 2017 Ford Edge sport with panoramic roof did not know they did a roof bar for my car till I saw your post i see you have them on eBay I have bid on them but will not go to higher price till end less someone might jump in at last minute so if you want to do a deal let me know
  9. totally agree got be a design fault not to have a screen on it does have on outside under bonnet
  10. does it not have a mesh screen on it to stop stuff being sucked in
  11. Cheers for the info chaps the tow bar was fitted before I bought it from Stoneacre ford at york,I was told it had been one of the sales teams car, ex demo and that is why it had the extras on it Panama roof, tow bar, driving pack,the salesman I bought it through had driven it for a year he told me, but did not know it had a tow bar on as it was under the boot floor with the 13 pin socket tucked up out of sight under the car, so I did not suspect that it was not a genuine ford tow bar or not configured right until I saw on this forum that it should show a y shape on screen when plugged in indicating a trailer was fitted.
  12. Thank you for all your reply’s I will look in to sorting this going to look to see how it is wired first and go from there had its first service yesterday since I have owned it bought it from Stoneacre ford at york in March with 14000 on clock took out service plan with them at yesterday’s service 24000 on clock according to them needed four new tyres @ £160 to £250 each plus front brake pads 50% warn recommended them renewed £225 ordered four new verdes from local at home fitter £125 each fitted will look at doing brake pads in maybe 6 months myself as I am sure that at 50% warn will last at least 5000 mile yet
  13. Been told my edge has a non genuine ford tow bar on its a witter fitted by ford garage they say that they can not program it to show on dashboard is there any way it can be done as it does not turn off sensors when in reverse they say does not alter towing or stability
  14. I tow a compass rallye 644 with mine did 2400 miles in mine around May bank holiday to Ireland and around Ireland and back to yorkshire regularly tow up and down to Coventry love it had pathfinder then shogun this edge sport 2017 is a better more refined drive and better on fuel than both these cars