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  1. Nothing on passanger seat causing the car to think somethings on the seat and its the safety belt beep ?
  2. Heres a video that might help and heres the clips.
  3. I would say yes do you have a pic of the two units ie yours and the one you've found.
  4. Most probally the front centre unit ,that hppened to mine brought a new unit plugged it in all worked.
  5. This one ?
  6. Not if you have not got the loom fitted and two relays but you might be able to retro fit them if you get the parts needed maybe and not sure if a forscan will need doing after.
  7. Cut to fit if it doesnt thats what i did.
  8. Hi have a look ive got the 7.5 but mine has power folds and the fuse box is identical to that video.
  9. Did mine this weekend straight forward bud just pick up the acc fuse ie ignition 12 volts.i used fuse 13....
  10. I believe you need two relays on that fuse board.Watch here.
  11. If you slightly bend the hangers up it should drop a little .
  12. Should be just the coil pack unless spark plug is us.
  13. Gazcaz

    Dash Cams

    Thanks just wanted to make sure.
  14. Well as some know about my wifes car being written off this week ,all sorted as they agreed it was there fault i have purchased a dash cam for mine and her new one. Is it better in a constant 12 volts or ignition it has a motion sensor so i cant work out if that works via a built in battery or not ?