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  1. First ones but use diadem bulbs from Osram...
  2. Charge battery it should read around 12v....13.6v when charging....
  3. Back track the wiring just in case you've knocked something would be my first point of call,make sure battery is not dead.
  4. Try here depends what your after as per isetta said ?
  5. Any MOT Persons on here ? is it illegal to fit led strips to your lights ? like in pic ? Only using brake and indicators...
  6. Straight forward to fit not to in your face ,car now completed to how i wanted it.
  7. Get a dry sports panel filter like Ram Air
  8. Better of being a dry panel filter like Ram Air
  9. Sorry lol your avatar says Focus ...You sorted now ?
  10. Here:
  11. Thanks Jim ,Air filter brand new,fuel filter last July , boost pipes look nice and secure no damage,im hoping its like you said the cleaning of parts etc due to additive i put in , so i run this tank then fill with no additives and then see....
  12. Hi can anyone advise why my car has started to blow out more black smoke under acceleration.its only just started and since ive filled the tank with fresh diesel and an expensive additive/dpf cleaner. Could it be additive working so blowing out the crap ? 1.5 TDCI Duratorq. Thanks
  13. No droning at all,nice and calm can only here on acceleration and fast de acceleration .
  14. Cat back 2mm stainless omitted rear box.
  15. Power Flow System fitted,Super Chipped and Ram Air dry panel filter fitted wow what a difference...Very pleased with the out come.