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  1. These.
  2. I had a lollipop key which i do not like ,a local lock smith supplied me with a genuine 3 button ford flip key ,programmed and blade cut for £100.
  3. Use one of these its easy to bleed then.connect all pipes and put this on the output side(pipe to engine).Pump till fuel comes out of tube,filter now full..disconnect refit pipe start engine put revs to approx 1800 the few air bubbles that are in the pipe will soon pass.
  4. EGR are a pain hence additives do help, especially now they say if they can see its been blanked of its an MOT failure,never used to be i believe.
  5. When was the egr valve serviced (if diesel) can really play a car up if clogged ? feel oily if you catch some in your hand ? theses additives work like redex fuel treatment stp fuel and dmf cleaner etc.
  6. Ive looked at mine and cannot see any plastic trims ?
  7. Hi chaps does anyone know recommanded timing belt change 2015 with the 1.5tdci Duratorq engine ? Thank you
  8. No bud Fiesta Sports Van im going on size may of fit strange link works for me.Search good old ebay bud.
  9. Here...
  10. Doh of course,if its not a blown fues for the glow plugs or relay , then i suggest EGR Valve could be clogged up.Take aprt and have a look.if it is this every now and again put additive in the fuel keep everything clean.keep us posted on out come.
  11. Cabin Filter ? when i did mine i sprayed that 99% kill germs Dettol in the housing and around the vents...
  12. Good point mine is a 2015 and has the so called capless side light bulb(bright white led now) so reg 2015 but build date 2012 according to ford etis and i have the bright blue interior not the amber colour which im pleased about.But yes lets have a picture 🙂
  13. Did you own a petrol car before ? and have you filled up your new car since buying it ?