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  1. Ford quoted me £222 Calipers £154 Carriers Then discs and pads on top of that obviously. Have you all been happy with the upgrade. Does it give you noticeably more stopping power??? What are carriers exactly? Is that the part that holds the pads?
  2. Any links to where I can get the parts from. Tried eurocarparts but they have no calipers. Also I notice the disc centre diameter on the 278mm disc is 63mm where as my standards 258mm discs are 64mm. Is this OK???
  3. I emailed puma build in Aldridge a few times but they don't seem to be arsed to reply
  4. Not really. Never done anything like that and when it comes to brakes I'd rather a professional do it. If it's that straight forward though I'll just ask my local mechanic he can be a bit of a jobsworth though and was hoping to find somewhere that had done it before.
  5. I'm still interested to know if these discs fit the standard guard/shield at the back of the discs and whether you have to change the hoses as well. Some say you do but most people don't mention hoses???
  6. Anybody know anyone in the Midlands who could do the 278mm upgrade supply and fit. Been emailing a few places and no reply!!! 😞
  7. It says Markerstudy on my policy Dan. I'll give Flux a ring before I do anything.
  8. Do those discs fit the disc protector/shield thing that sits behind the disc???
  9. Well Flux is the broker but it's underwritten by some firm based in Malta I think.
  10. I'm with Adrian Flux Dan and my policy is up in Jan. Is there normally much of a premium hike after doing this mod? Currently paying about £350 fully comp.
  11. Does anybody bother informing their insurance they've made modifications???
  12. Hi I'm looking to do this upgrade also. Could you help me with what parts I need? Pumaspeed do a kit but haven't answered my email.
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