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  1. I get around 38-42mpg, i do relatively short journeys and have the odd long ish journey. I did find that it took around 1000 miles for the engine to "break in", before that my MPG was around 35 or lower.
  2. Im probably going to wait for the revo one to get developed, since you can change between stock and 2 performance options.
  3. Are you running the Bluefin now then?
  4. Did they find anything in the service? Did they say anything after you picked it up? For returning the car to stock how do I do that? Is the software saved to your pc or their servers.
  5. 200bhp out of a 1.0L is insane, would never take it that high just leave it at 155ps and take it out when it goes for a service. The bluefin seems like the best way to go I think.
  6. That’s brilliant, think I might go with the option then since they will warranty the engine. If I can take it off hopefully they won’t dig too deep into it and find the remap.
  7. Thank you but I think I’d rather buy one brand new from the retailer.
  8. On the bluefin website it’s states that it can be removed and reversed, it’s not detectable apparently. They also boast that it can improve perform by 46bhp
  9. TDI just got back to me saying that apparently the settings differ for the 125bhp box so it wouldn’t work. it seems quite risky tbf but it also depends how long that data is stored for?
  10. also The TDI tuning box claims to be undetectable and easy to revert, I just want to know if I can use the 125bhp tuning box on the 100bhp since they’re the same engine and turbo. sorry again for the questions. cheers.
  11. Brilliant thank you, I’ve had a look the bluefin chips and they perform a lot better than the TDI ones. Would I need to upgrade anything else with them or is it fine with everything stock? Also will this void my warranty and am I able to put it back to stock if I need to? Sorry for novice questions.
  12. Hello, I've recently bought a Fiesta ST-line 100BHP and i'm thinking about remapping it. I want to chip it because i want to save my warranty, so i've been looking at the TDI tuning boxes. The difference between the 100BHP and the 125BHP is just a remap i believe so does that mean i could buy the 125bhp tuning box. I have attached links to the website for for both tuning boxes. Thank you.