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    01 Ford Focus,98 Escort, 85 Escort Cab
  1. Ford Focus Problem

    I got sorted It ended up being a temp switch
  2. Hello Everybody

    Cheers mate, below is a link to describe my problem http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index...?showtopic=9014
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  7. Hello Everybody

    How do all, Mike here from Tipperary Ireland. I always had Fords from Cortinas to Mondeos, at the moment i have a 01 Focus, a 98 Escort and an 85 Escort cabby. I'm having problems with my Focus at the moment, but thats a different story. I'm having a good look around the site at the moment.... In am also a mod over on www.everyfordireland.com
  8. Ford Focus Problem

    I have a problem with a 01 1.6 Focus, turning the key she turns fine but she barely starts(like as if she's getting no petrol) after about 20 seconds, when it does start she revs up to about 2000 revs and drops down to nothing and starts spluttering and sometimes cuts out , if she keeps going she sounds like she's missing then evens out and then cuts out again. Any help................... Some first post.....
  9. My Three