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  1. You were spot on flat battery got AA I must have left something on when cleaning 🙄 thanks very much for your help 🤗
  2. Yes I'm in used pliers to turn lock thanks again jonro but no start 😥
  3. Many thanks jonro I'll try that but will it start if not detecting key as it's keyless start
  4. HELP my mk5 vignaile has locked me out both key fobs won't work tried blade key for manual operation but this failed to open it all garage are closed due to Corona so potentially it could sit there for months 😥 If anyone has info or a hack 🤗 cheers chris
  5. Hi guys, I'm about to get a tow bar fitted and like the retractable for my mondeo mk5 estate and was concerned about reliability being electric can any one give me review or convince me either way Regard chris
  6. Hi folks is there anyone who has a retractable tow bar fitted to a mondeo estate mk5 , as I'm trying to get one and my local dealer say it won't fit 😠 Thanks new member Chris