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  1. @mullett What about this? Screen and APIM https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/352723319448
  2. @JordRob I just did this (see post above) and also have mud flaps - two screws do indeed go through the mud flap in to the holes - it is a tight squeeze but they do go. I found the issue I had was getting the right angle to screw in at. I remember (I think!) one of the screws doesn't attach through the mud flap, but the framing around it. I will try and take a picture and post back if you're still stuck.
  3. Understood. I am sure I have seen people who have the newer centre console (with the heated switch 3 levels) embedded in to the HVAC control, possibly facelift (2024+) able to use sync to control the seat heat level? Or is that not possible either? On a side note, even on a heat of 5 my seats don't get really hot, still can feel the heat but it's not too hot, is that normal on a 2012 car or would you expect more heat? Thanks James
  4. I have heated seats in my Focus Titanium (2012, pre-facelift) which I retrofitted with SYNC 3. My heated seats have a slider control near the cup holder, which is a dial from 0 to 5, so 5 levels. When I activate the heated seat option on Forscan, the icons show on the home screen, but they only show 3 levels and don’t do anything when I press them. I also have the climate screen enabled as I don't use dual zone mode so the reversal of driver/passenger side doesn't bother me) Does anyone know if it’s compatible or not with the pre-facelift heated seats? Thanks James
  5. I've just been through this mess. Been noticing condensation and a musty smell recently which became worse quite quickly and found this thread. Same problem, spare wheel cavity full of water, sides of boot trim saturated, mould growth etc. Passenger footwells soaked and found its way all over the place. Tried a wet vac but it wouldn't get enough out, and the carpet underlay/sound proof material was so sodden. Having removed the bumper and removed all the water behind the vents, and resealed everything with silicon, the carpet had to come out. Pain in the... Anyhow, needs must. R
  6. 2 wires from the new fcim and ACM (radio) harness. FCIM 6 to ACM 4 (data link +) FCIM 12 to ACM 5 (data link -) James
  7. Hi both. I will try and get back to you soon, just been busy. Cheers
  8. Hi Aego I believe you will need a few things to replace your setup with factory sat nav. You will need a new 5" screen (APIM), a cheap GPS antenna plus the slightly different Sony fascia (as you have 4" not 5"). A map SD card and additionally a couple of wires need changing in the harness. I can provide the part numbers if you need...
  9. Is there a guide on this one? Also looking to do the same on my 2012 pre facelift (which already has cruise)...
  10. Yes, it will take 5 minutes and is easy. Worth checking.
  11. So is it just filing the plastic to make it a button and then wire to the pins? Or do you need to mod the circuit board?
  12. Also if you want DAB double check as most say it supports DAB but it's not built in, you have to buy an additional box for it to work.
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