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  1. The wiring is similar for Sync 2 but of course you need the GPS module so you need to tap in to the CAN bus wires for that. Honestly, if you're going through the effort to upgrade from BVC I wouldn't bother with SYNC2, go for 3. 2 is no longer updated and maps will become outdated etc. I know it costs more but it's worth it in every way longer term.
  2. I found the centre speaker makes the sound worse - as it's flat, so I disconnected when I purchased the car years ago. Therefore, the newer MK3.5 ACM didn't change anything for me in terms of sound quality as the centre speaker isn't used anyway.
  3. Brilliant and thanks for the images.
  4. This system can be upgraded to SYNC with a few more wiring changes to my guide, however for a plug and play solution you will still need to wire things in because the factory harness is different, even if you just swapped out the screen and fascia etc. There is no Bluetooth module in the 2 line basic model so none of that exists either...
  5. Nice one, well done! Was the existing cabling the same from your old steering wheel? I believe yours had the separate volume stalk like mine? Guessing that just connected to the right hand road on the new wheel?
  6. On my car I tapped in to the 12v cigarette socket ground (0v) which is in the centre console. Not sure if you have one close... Alternatively if you have the centre console removed there are a few ground points you could connect to. I just drilled a hole straight through (in the car), as the plastic is decent enough to take it, just go slowly so you only just go through. Before you start make sure there is enough depth for your button.
  7. Yes, the fascia, bracket and radio are the same for SYNC 2 and 3. So they will be ok, you just need to source a SYNC 3 APIM/screen.
  8. The left hand controls will control the trip computer, but you will lose the ability to control the original BVC/SYNC1 radio as these steering wheels are designed to work with SYNC 2/3 which is touchscreen. Most people who fit these steering wheels have already upgraded to SYNC 3 so it's fine.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154295711115 I believe this is the one. ZWAC30123A I am looking to do this also but the airbag price is ridiculous, considering you can pick up the leather steering wheel for a 1/3 of the price of that.
  10. I can't tell as the SYNC 2 and 3 screen, fascia and radio look identical on the front, but the APIM/screen is a lot different for SYNC 3. In order to confirm I need you to provide the part numbers.
  11. You need the steering wheel, airbag and the newer MK3.5 clockspring as the MK3 one from 2012 is not compatible. Possibly also a new harness which includes the connector for the cruise control buttons. It all works fine, you'll just have to amend some settings to enable the buttons to work and also the cruise control. @kevgals has just done this, maybe he can provide some more details.
  12. Are you fitting sync3? If so try to change the setting in Focccus: 187 - set to "audio buttons on steering wheel"
  13. The USB hub is unrelated to the OBD2 port/wiring. Does it have the faint blue LED lit around the USB socket? Is the USB cable fully connected?
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