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  1. I would highly recommend upgrading the software to Sync 3.4 (unnoficial) also to get the latest updates and maps... if you haven't already https://cyanlabs.net/applications/syn3-updater/
  2. Hi. 1. This is usually due to a cheap GPS adaptor. Try another from Amazon, not the cheapest. 2. Did you set the settings correctly in Focccus? If so then it must be a wiring issue. 3. Most people don't bother with the climate on screen as the driver/passenger controls are reversed. There is no fix for this. 4. Be sure to change the CGEA option in Forscan. The CGEA (common global electrical interface) version is set in 7D0-01-01 xxx*-xxxx-xxxx. What car do you have? Thanks James
  3. Yeah, you don't need to bother with the centre console part if you don't want to.
  4. Correct, it is pin 1 and 4 for the USB. There is no power (charging) capability, only data for media drives etc.
  5. Hi Alan Are you able to post an image of your module so I can assist? Thanks
  6. Make sure you've set the options in Focccus as per the tutorial and than pins 4 and 7 are wired correctly to the front fascia panel.
  7. It was around £400 for me, but depends on what you can find on eBay etc.
  8. Yes, no need for the 'Sony' sync 1. You can upgrade to Sync 2 instead of 3 but the wiring is different and extra modules are required like the GPS module etc. If you're going to go through the effort, Sync 2 is not great and it wouldn't be worth it in my opinion compared to Sync 3. See this thread for a Sync 1 to Sync 2 guide.
  9. If you clear it does it return? I had this and just ignored it as it didn't stop anything working, more probably to do with some signal the old BVC/Sync 1 sent to the IPC which is no longer present.
  10. As the OBD2 port has all the CAN wires present in the same connector, I just thought it was easier to tap in to instead of awkwards HVAC and the other large connector in the footwell. In reality, you can tap in to anywhere the CAN bus wires exist.
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