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  1. Make sure you've set the options in Focccus as per the tutorial and than pins 4 and 7 are wired correctly to the front fascia panel.
  2. It was around £400 for me, but depends on what you can find on eBay etc.
  3. Yes, no need for the 'Sony' sync 1. You can upgrade to Sync 2 instead of 3 but the wiring is different and extra modules are required like the GPS module etc. If you're going to go through the effort, Sync 2 is not great and it wouldn't be worth it in my opinion compared to Sync 3. See this thread for a Sync 1 to Sync 2 guide.
  4. If you clear it does it return? I had this and just ignored it as it didn't stop anything working, more probably to do with some signal the old BVC/Sync 1 sent to the IPC which is no longer present.
  5. As the OBD2 port has all the CAN wires present in the same connector, I just thought it was easier to tap in to instead of awkwards HVAC and the other large connector in the footwell. In reality, you can tap in to anywhere the CAN bus wires exist.
  6. You definitely need MM-can wires in the APIM. I believe the MM-can actually handles the turn on. When you start the card, a signal is sent over the MM-can bus to wake the unit.
  7. Check all the wires for the HS and MS can bus, these are normally the reason...
  8. Normally you can clear most. Any remaining, please post the errors here.
  9. You can activate the auto lock in Focccus, had it for years, so will be possible in Forscan if you know the code. @Mollymoodoo looks great! Nice spot for it. P.S. Think you tagged the wrong user, JPM not JPW, in your last sentence 🙂
  10. Has it shown up previously or is this the first time? If it doesn't show up it's usually a CAN bus issues i.e the wiring for the HS-CAN or MS-CAN...
  11. If you make a backup of your current APIM settings (definitely do this anyway), then we can compare the two files so we know what to change after 👍
  12. It should be fine, it's more important to get the basic functions matching, like engine size, petrol, manual gearbox, climate etc. Anything else can be switched on/off after...
  13. You can definitely splice into the HVAC if you have the dual control unit, and in fact that's what I did, but it's a little more awkward and you still need to get the other CAN bus from somewhere like the OBD2 port anyways so this is why I chose to take both from there in the tutorial. 👍
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