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  1. 2 wires from the new fcim and ACM (radio) harness. FCIM 6 to ACM 4 (data link +) FCIM 12 to ACM 5 (data link -) James
  2. Hi both. I will try and get back to you soon, just been busy. Cheers
  3. Hi Aego I believe you will need a few things to replace your setup with factory sat nav. You will need a new 5" screen (APIM), a cheap GPS antenna plus the slightly different Sony fascia (as you have 4" not 5"). A map SD card and additionally a couple of wires need changing in the harness. I can provide the part numbers if you need...
  4. Is there a guide on this one? Also looking to do the same on my 2012 pre facelift (which already has cruise)...
  5. Yes, it will take 5 minutes and is easy. Worth checking.
  6. So is it just filing the plastic to make it a button and then wire to the pins? Or do you need to mod the circuit board?
  7. Also if you want DAB double check as most say it supports DAB but it's not built in, you have to buy an additional box for it to work.
  8. Def don't buy from Ford and pay that much. As long as you find a compatible screen online (eBay) it's a simple swap, 10 min job. Is it the 5" screen and do you have SYNC 1 or 1.1? James
  9. Yep, really pleased with it. As I have enabled auto lock via Focccus, it lights up as soon as the car drives away and pressing it toggles the lock/unlock There is plenty of room under that little compartment for the switch and wiring. It's a 19mm version. I just spliced wires 2 and 6 from the FCIM and tapped in to the ground from the 12v socket next to it.
  10. Here is the pic of the LED switch I installed and wired up for the door lock function. Unlocked (off) and Locked (red)
  11. Should be ok if driving ok. Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Everything looked fine, and drive fine without knowing all the coolant had leaked from that horrible thin plastic pipe. The only way I discovered the leak is because the coolant leaked on to somewhere hot and it made a burny smell under the bonnet that I could smell when I got out the car. Pipe replaced and no leak since. The garage said I was very lucky, another few miles and it might have severely damaged the engine.
  12. Anyone know when F9 map update will be released?