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  1. Hi all. Need a bit of advise, I need to replace the wishbone on a mk7 fiesta, Ive got wheel movement and knocking sounds when the wheels move side to side, I had it in the air and can see movement in the lower ball joint. Does anybody know if I can change it without taking the wheel hub off. Any help on this or suggestions would be very helpful. I live in Milton Keynes if anybody can recommend a suitable mechanic.
  2. Thanks I will give it a try when darker.
  3. I have a similar problem but only became noticeable when I replace the two head light bulbs for some Osama night vision lamps. The pattern from the beam seems very close and low and not projecting far forward. The levelling motors seem to work ok and do adjust if I move the rotary switch within the car. It's as if they need to be lifted up somehow to allow the beam to be throne forward.
  4. I had to order the new window switch part in through local ford dealer it arrived from Germany in about 3days then swapped it over with existing fitted part, then as already said only had one wire to install simple job.
  5. Hi Skyshaddow. I got mine of ebay from a company called Kba-carlighting-mirrors, a quick search should be all you need. They sell many different types, very quick delivery all fitted fine, now have the two i took off to sell.
  6. Tezza Any chance you could PM me that sequence it's got to be worth a long shot, I had to enable the power fold bit via the Elm unit may it will do something, I have posted on the guide section to see if anybody has any other ways to do it. I am sure it must be a case of pulsing the fold /unfold cables via the lock /unlock signal from the door module just wish I understood the control strategy a little better, we must have some clever tecky guys in the forum that can assist with a few pointers, worse case I will have to wait to see if I can obtain a UCDS unit. Cheers
  7. Hi all I have been using the ELM327 interface for a few bits over the months, I have switched on the door auto locking and very recently my newly fitted power fold mirrors with puddle lights. Using the ELM 327 made this so easy and saved me pounds not having to go to Ford to get it done. Cheers guys. Is it or will it be possible to get them to fold/unfold via the remote using the ELM interface. I understand it can and has been done using a UCDS adaptor but this cost a lot of dosh Anybody able to assist. Cheers
  8. Tessa Using this UCDS adaptor does it just re-configure the modules fitted to the car, or do you also have to carry out any other wiring mods I would be very interested in having them folding via the remote. I will have to take a look at the cars wiring schematic to try to fathom out what alterations it preforms to achive this, must be some kind of pulse from locking module.
  9. Hi All. Just finished installing my new powerfold mirrors and replacing the in-door / arm-rest switch set, the one with the power window buttons in, to my 2010 MK2.5 Titanium Focus. All went very well, I got a brand new complete pair of mirrors that are powerfolding, heated have puddle light and side indicators from Kba-carlighting-mirrors on Ebay, ordered them and delivered two days later, then the switch i had to order direct from ford, I phoned them with the Finis code and was told the part is classed as 'refered' this meant it had to come from Germany so I expected a long delay, but no,
  10. Morning All, Over the last couple of months, every time I use my wife's fiesta (2009 mk7 1.6tdci) and change gear i notice a slight lack of power as if its been starved of fuel then it pops back into life again this happens in gears 2nd-5th, the drop in power it's more noticeable if you change from 3rd to 5th, not that i do that a lot. Has anyone else experienced this, and any pointers as to what it may be would be greatly appreciated. It happens even if the AC is off as i thought it might be the WOT relay dropping the AC out under hard acceleration. Cheers.
  11. Following on If that,s no good you could try this procedure also via ford etis. 1. NOTE: A maximum of eight keyless entry remote transmitters can be programmed to the Central Junction Box (CJB). Programming must be done at the same time for all the transmitters. • NOTE: To enter programming mode, first make sure that the vehicle battery is fully charged and the anti-theft system is not armed or triggered (if equipped). • NOTE: Make sure the turn signal indicators are in the OFF position. Fasten the safety belts and close all doors to make sure conflicting chimes do not so
  12. Hi. from what i just read via ford etis, the key wont turnin the barrel unless you push the clutch pedal down, this releases the electronic steering lock. You should then be able to turn the key to position II, and it should reactivate the key your trying to program back to the car.
  13. Hi yes they are expensive i have some if anyone's interested. http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/39370-focus-mk2-25-ms-design-drls/.
  14. Ok Guys Thanks. Ford do say for the fiesta they have a retro fit device that fits across the headlight that should eliminate these spikes blowing lamps. they are about £13 each and didn't want to buy them if it was just a case of buying some bits from Maplin that would do the same thing,
  15. Hi can someone assist with an electronic question please. How do i install a resistor or diode across a headlamp bulb to stop voltage spikes. I have two new bulbs blow in as many weeks. any values or drawings would be appreciated.
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