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  1. Not been on here for awhile and it's changed again! Looking good though!

  2. Hi, I've never had the need to fold down the seats but I'm about 99% sure the mk2 also fold down all in one and can't be split, they're fitted together as one unit. I'd suggest a slightly bigger car with bigger boot.
  3. Common Ka Flood In The Footwell

    You could try and do a little water test on it yourself, hose pipe, jet wash, to try and mimic the rain and where its possibly leaking in from? Incidentally my leak was caused by a hole in the boot which had leaked through and soaked the soundproofing and then eventually the carpets, so that's another possibility for you...
  4. Anymore suggestions/advice on this before I take it to ford? Just so that I have a an idea of what to say to them...
  5. Hi, Yeah when I press the boot release button on remote there is a clicking noise, what would that mean? Before it stopped working I had wedged a load of shopping in the back and it stopped since then so I must have knocked something/hit a sensor or something. Is it easy enough for Ford to sort do you think? Cheers
  6. Hi, Apologies if this has been covered, my boot has suddenly stopped opening when I press the remote, the lights flash but then nothing, opens fine with the key in the lock and the remote unlocks the rest of the car as normal, just the boot release thing that's stopped for some reason. I will take it to Ford to find out what's going on but really busy at the moment so thought I'd see if anyone on here knows what's going on.
  7. Wheel Chair In A Fiesta Mk7 Boot ?

    Would it not be best to actually go to your dealer and try it out? I'm sure they won't mind if it means they are getting a sale from you. Incidentally I can't even fit a small pushchair in the boot of my Ka! :/
  8. Mpg Computer

    Wow 51.6, I'd be well impressed with that! Best I get is 36! Though I do mainly do town driving in stop start traffic.
  9. Hi, just wondering if any other ka owners have been told about a recall on the engine breather pipe (I have no idea what this actually is, just been told about a recall) Apparently it's not 'that' serious but Ford will deal with it when you have your next scheduled service.
  10. Ridiculous Insurance Quotes..

    If you use a comparison site you only have to enter your details once and the information is saved for the following year with you just updating where necessary. Of all the comparison sites, confused.com always gives me the best quotes compared to what my renewal states.
  11. Second Service For Ka Mk2

    Thanks for your reply. So I should try and get the price nearer £100 then? I know I could get it cheaper at a local garage but not sure if I trust them and would rather pay a bit more for Ford to do it, though obviously don't want to be completely ripped off! I'm in west midlands, I usually stick to one particular ford place but lucky that there are quite a few round here within 20 mile radius so I guess I could try and play them off against each other, not that they'd be that bothered about one measly service but it's worth a try!
  12. Ok, as title, how much should I be expecting to pay for my 2nd service (first major) Only got just under 6K on clock, don't know if that makes a difference? Just want to know what kind of price I should be putting to Ford as I had a call from someone the other day and she quoted £220, I said you're having a laugh and said I'd pay nearer £180, so advice please! :)
  13. Fiesta 2009

    Oh dear...not again ... ;)
  14. As title says, 'cancheck' showed up on my radio display earlier when I turned off engine and then pressed radio on button. Switched it off again, popped into shops for 30 mins or so then when started engine back up all was fine and working again. Just wondered if anyone knows what it means? Its quite random and wondered if I need 2 do anything or get it checked out? Cheers :)
  15. Ford Fiesta Club - Sub Forum's Idea?

    Grrr meant *aren't* always friendly! Lol (can't edit on phone)