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  1. Hello, Thank's very much for your input, it really is appreciated. I'm still a little confused, i must be easily confused! Luckily i have a little more time as the offer has been extended now due to cyber Monday When I enter these details - Clutch kit for FORD Focus Mk3 Box Body / Hatchback 1.6 TDCi 115 HP 02.2012 I get this kit that comes up: https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/luk/13766305 The above link has an article number which is 600 0277 00 When I click your link it appears to have the same article number? In fact, I’ve just noticed as I’m writ
  2. Hi people, I'm trying to order a clutch, dmf and slave cylinder from buy car parts dot Co dot uk My reg starts with FH61 and my car is a 1.6 TDCI hatchback I'm confused as I can't seem to find my car. I can see options for focus mk3 but not sure what numbers mean. The closest I can get is - ford focus mk3 box body / hatch back 1.6 Tdci 115 HP 02.2012 But I think my car is 2011. Could someone please help as I'm looking to order these tonight
  3. Could I ask another question... Bearing in mind I had a new clutch, DMF and I believe I had a new slave cylinder at that time, this was around 25k ago. Now I have this clutch whoop I've decided to buy a LUK clutch and just keep it in the boot along with a new DMF also ready for when she goes bang. Do you think I would need another slave cylinder also? I think I remember my mechanic saying last time that the either the DMF or the slave cylinder was damaged from excess heat. Hope the above makes sense. Thanks
  4. Why did u change the wiring harness and coolant hoses? Have you had no water in the boot then? Have you checked? You had it from new?
  5. How long does a B6 gear box usually last?
  6. Wow, thanks for your in depth answer. My drivers door window has a intermittent fault with the motor. Tends to stick when fully down only at times? I spent some time googling and found a great video on YouTube of a guy who was investigating the exact same fault. He had the door card off and changed out the window motor (he actually changed out the motor and full assembly what ever you call the thing that seats the window? He did it as a matter of course) anyway, the fault was water ingress! The motor actually had water inside, he said the window seals are rubbish. I think that was
  7. Hello, I'm wondering if it it makes financial sense to keep hold of my 12 plate mk 3 focus that has clutch whoop. Ive just fixed the leak in the boot last weekend and even though I had a new clutch and dmf 25k miles ago its been cheap motoring in between. What issues is a car likely to run into at 60k miles?. One is at 54k now and I'm wondering do I ship it on or keep it myself and fix the clutch. What's the issues with the gear box? How will I know if mine has the b6? When it the major service due on a these cars? Any and all info welco
  8. Thanks, I was trawling the Internet now and found a youtube video on a mk3 whooping ford focus and someone commented this: "I had the same sound. My story: I bought the car at 5years old (12 plate) and with 49k miles on the clock. This exact same sound came up about 5 times altogether in the first few weeks after purchase and never again. Then about 1,5 years and over 10k miles later my transmission and flywheel were gone. The car started to give noise when I released the clutch in neutral and in a matter of 3 days it got so bad I had to stop the car. Then only trip afterwards was to the
  9. Haha, I just done this job on my 12 plate focus last weekend, I followed a YouTube video, brilliant.
  10. Hi guys, My first post here!!😊 I purchased the car around 2.5 years ago and almost immediately, while I was working away the wife said there was an issue with clutch. From memory it was juddering but I honestly can't remember, anyway, the clutch and Dmf were changed out at my local garage, at this time the car had completed about 28k miles. The car is now on 54k miles and when pulling away it occasionally has a whoop. I don't have hill start assist but it does sound like the brakes are stuck on, today to prove it wasn't the brakes, I put the hand brake on tight and hard on brak
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