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  1. Thanks for getting back to me, I’ve got a neighbour to take the car to his garage he’s going to check the cv joint. As for the springs they are black.
  2. Evening all, so I took my car today for a free health check with ford and they have come across a fault and there is also a clicking sound when turning. Osf outer cv inner clip is loose allowing the boot to move slightly.. Needs a new cv clip to secure it I’ve only had the car 12days purchased with a new MOT from a local dealer, so my question is do I take this back and ask them to fix the fault? also ford are saying car is fitted with lowered springs on the rear , yet there was no mention of this from the garage so I’ve told my insurance car is standard with no mo
  3. Anyone know the name and colour of the alloys on the spirit blue model?
  4. Just picked the car up and they have done all the work without me asking them 😀, lovely car nice bit of power
  5. I’m going to drop the oil and change the filters this weekend, what oil & filter do I need?
  6. thanks guys for all the advice much appreciated,
  7. Ok thanks dude I’ll give them a call and see what they say, also is there a timing chain or belt on this car? And when would they need changing ?
  8. hi all just got myself a fiesta st-3 66 plate 😃, first decent age car i've owned
  9. afternoon all, picking my fiesta st 3 up tomorrow from a dealer and just noticed the new mot done today got a few advisories. do i need to be worried? also i would have thought any issues with the car they would sort it before handing it over? 1- offside front service brake fluctuating. but not excessively 2- rear brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened
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