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  1. Mine works fine, but you have to get into the habit of putting a bit firmer pressure on the brake pedal right at the end once you have stopped. Sometimes, if you come to a stop with only very little pressure on the pedal, the system fails to hold, but a bit more pressure on the pedal makes it work just fine every time.
  2. Similar thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago when we had the bad floods. No particular big puddle, but wouldn't start after shutting down. Waited 2 and half hours for AA (they were rather busy that morning!). All they did was disconnect the battery for 10 minutes and reconnect, everything back to normal. Always worth a try when the electrics get their knickers in a twist.
  3. Thanks again Ian. Managed to get the thing apart this afternoon. It was really stiff trying to ease the box upwards and along, but got there in the end because you had shown what needed to be done. The box itself just appears to contain fuses, nothing else surprisingly. Strange design if you ask me, but at least it all came out and went back ok. Now the REALLY annoying thing is, the box does not contain a fuse removal tool. That's more expense, probably £1.50 at Halfords, or 25p on ebay. Can't win 'em all!
  4. Wow! Thanks very much Ian, brilliant work. At least I know what we're looking for. To be honest I tried releasing the very clips you have pointed out, but couldn't get the thing loose. Are there 4 clips to release, one on each corner? I will persevere a bit more tomorrow, now that I know what we should be doing. Fingers crossed.
  5. Would certainly appreciate any further information you can provide. I've tried pushing and pulling everything in sight but can't get anything to budge.
  6. Just so I can tot up how many of each size (current wise as well as physical) and carry a few spares just in case. Isn't this what everybody does? Also, in previous models, the engine bay fuse box contains the fuse extractor tool as well.
  7. Yes, I disconnected the 2 big connectors, but never imagined the fuses were actually inside. I assumed the next layer down contained the ECU as it said "discard if dropped". I expected to be able to remove this next layer and get to the fuses. However, don't want to get too adventurous until I know what I'm supposed to be doing!
  8. Should have mentioned the manual is for Focus mk4, but worth a try for latest Fiesta?
  9. From latest owner's manual: Changing Road Wheels and Tires If you change the road wheels and tires on your vehicle, for example fitting alternative wheels and winter tires, and the wheels have tire pressure monitoring system sensors, do the following: Inflate the tires to the correct tire pressure. See Tire Pressures. Park your vehicle for a minimum of 20 minutes. Reset the tire pressure monitoring system. See Resetting the Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The system recognizes the new sensors the next time you drive your vehicle for approximately 15 minutes at a vehicle speed of 25 mph (40 km/h) or higher.
  10. Direct from the owner's manual : "The system may fail or operate with reduced function during cold and severe weather conditions. Snow, ice, rain, spray and fog can adversely affect the system. Keep the front camera and radar free of snow and ice. Failure to take care may result in the loss of control of your vehicle, serious personal injury or death."
  11. I'm trying to find around 64 assorted fuses, from micro to M and J sizes, along with associated relays. I'm not sure I can believe they are all magically contained within the two connectors. Are you stating this as an absolute fact, or just guessing? Still hoping someone comes along who knows how to get at the fuses? Thanks, but the clue is in the title "Engine Bay" fuse box.
  12. I think the front collision system relies on the forward facing camera as much as the radar. Ice and any condensation will definitely affect the performance of the camera and the collision system.
  13. No. It tells you where the fuse box is located, same place as previous versions at the side of the battery, and then just gives a list of what each fuse is for. It doesn't describe how to actually get at the fuses. Would appreciate any help from anyone who has successfully got at the fuses.
  14. Hi Lee, excellent choice of car! Just passed the 1000 miles mark on mine, so beginning to really enjoy it.
  15. I'm trying to gain access to the fuses on a mk4 Focus ST and assume the engine bay fuse box is similar across the range. On my previous mk3 Focus all that was needed was to press a couple of clips, remove the cover, and there were the fuses. If I remove the cover on my latest model, all I find is 2 large cable connectors, and I can't see how to go any further to reveal the actual fuses. Can someone give me a simple guide as to how to get to the fuses? Don't want to get too adventurous, would rather have some guidance on how to do it right! Any help much appreciated.