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  1. I've used the Bosch Aerotwins for years and they've been fine. Just make doubly sure you're ordering the correct size for your car. Nothing like actually measuring what you've got as trying to get the correct size from reference manuals is very hit and miss.
  2. I got an "Emma" just after Xmas. Paid just under £400, absolutely well pleased with it, as good as any other mattress we've had. The box is a bit awkward but manageable up the stairs even for weaklings. Our delivery included taking upstairs if we wanted, think most of them will. It's a minor miracle how they slowly expand up to full size in a couple of hours after being released from the vacuum pack.Which? magazine reviews loads of mattresses and several of the ones in a box come out very near the top of the rankings, and with a 100 days trial, nothing to lose.
  3. The small print says participating dealers only, so you need to ask the question before booking it in for a service. 1 year or 12500 miles whichever comes first.
  4. I followed the spec. for the new ST quite closely from its introduction, and to the best of my knowledge, it never came with automatic parking. Buttons around the gear lever exactly as described above. There are no additional sensors on the sides which you would have for auto parking, and the ones for the Cross Traffic Alert are hidden behind the bumper.
  5. If it is actually indicating low level, and that's not 100% certain for now, then the sensor might be at fault, wouldn't have thought you need to reset it. But it still seems you had to use a larger amount of oil to top up than would be expected, which might indicate another problem. Are you sure the oil was at the minimum mark when you first checked and that you needed a full litre of oil just to bring it up to the middle? Again, your manual should tell you how much oil is required to top up between minimum and max, so you can check if the amount is reasonably correct. If it all checks out, it seems to narrow it down to the sensor. In answer to your first question, any old oil will NOT do. It needs to be the correct viscosity grade AND specification as per YOUR manual. It doesn't have to be the same manufacturer, as long as it's the same viscosity and Ford spec.
  6. First, do you have a manual for your car, or other means of finding out what your warning lights mean and what type of oil you need? It would definitely help. The oil warning light is often an indication of LOW PRESSURE, not low level. If you wait until the low pressure light comes on the oil level will usually be well below minimum. That might explain why you needed an excessive amount of oil to top up. So I would suggest finding out what the warning light actually means, and check your oil level manually at least once a week to see whether you have a real problem or not.
  7. Sorry, that's just not true. You'd be surprised at how those pesky little waves can leak out through the tiniest of gaps. I tried an ordinary tin box and it made less than 6 inches difference to when I could open the car. It needs to be a properly sealed "Faraday" cage, but as you said, carefully wrapping the keys in tightly closed tin foil will work just as well.
  8. It's not confusing at all. Just stick to exactly what it states in YOUR manual and you won't go far wrong. 5W-30 is the viscosity grade (thickness to you and me, shear strength to the more technically minded) appropriate for YOUR engine. WSS-M2C913-C / ACEA A5/B5 is the quality specification for YOUR engine. It's no use listening to people with more modern engines. They are designed to run on lower viscosity grades, yours is not. Castrol Magnetec will meet your needs, but it MUST be the correct viscosity AND specification as per YOUR manual. Unless you're running your car outside it's intended use and you know exactly what you are doing, don't listen to anybody else, just stick to EXACTLY what it says in YOUR manual.
  9. Are you absolutely sure about this? Giving out that sort of advice could result in someone's engine being severely damaged if not correct. My guess is this is how it works - the remaining oil life is the lowest proportion left of 3 competing events from the time it was last reset : 1. A countdown over 12 months 2. A countdown over 12500 miles 3. A "clever" algorithm calculating oil quality based on operational events, such as pressure, temperature, number of cold starts. The figures above are for my ST, the 12 months and 12500 miles will vary depending on model and service intervals. Remember this is from the time the indication was last reset, which can be done by anyone at any time, but obviously is only supposed to be reset each time the oil is changed.
  10. You've clearly run out of credit - have you tried putting a few more £1 coins in?
  11. Assuming the child locks are manually operated, you don't need the key, any medium sized screw driver blade will operate the lock. Once you've found out where it is and how to rotate it, you'll find something you have handy in the car to do it.
  12. That is exactly the correct answer! The oil has to do so much more than just lubricate the bearings. Best left exactly as the engine designer specified as per your owner's manual.
  13. That's ok when you're the only one wanting it, but what happens when everybody who shops at Tesco needs to charge their car for around 30 minutes? It won't always be free. The govt. will somehow need to raise just as much tax as they do now. Who's going to pay to rip up all the car parks and install the cabling? Will the local grid be capable of taking it? Electricity is not free to generate, and either comes with its own emission problems, or is not available unless the wind is blowing. Who's going to mine the raw materials for the batteries, and destroy much of the sea bed in the process? Where do all the batteries go which will be ****ed after a couple of years? Still a lot of thinking to do rather than just talking or we're all up s**t creek! Batteries just don't feel the right way to be going. I'd rather they were putting the effort into something like hydrogen cells which just has a much better sensible feel to it. Sorry, rant over!
  14. That's easy - it's just the same as four fifths of a furlong! Any time.
  15. The question is not whether it happens under certain circumstances, I think we all accept that it does, but whether it is SUPPOSED to happen, ie an intentionally DESIGNED "Auto Handbrake", and whether there is any description of it in the owner's manual? To be honest, even if all the above circumstances were true and consistent, anyone trying to rely on all that deserves to have their car rolling away down the hill?