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  1. Joking aside, would be nice if the problem only affected stop / start, but that's just the first thing to go. Without some sort of intervention you then get the tinny sounding parking sensors, unable to listen to radio while the missus goes shopping, heated screens not working, key fob not working, total comms failure so you have to disconnect the battery, people spending hundreds on replacement "faulty" batteries. All this, and no doubt more, while having a perfectly healthy battery. No laughing matter if you get these on a freezing cold rainy day.
  2. Try topic "Mk4 start stop not working" or dozens of others on a similar note.
  3. Or the comms has gone ***** up. I'm assuming you don't have a multimeter to check battery volts? Quick check - disconnect battery for 10 mins and see if it all comes back to life when reconnected. If not, most probably duff battery.
  4. Whatever people's opinions about stop/start, the root cause of this problem is nothing to do with stop/start at all, it's the way the "smart" charging and BMS is configured.
  5. The trouble seems to be, whether you go for a long run, charge the battery externally, or reset the BMS, the problem comes back within a few days. But let's get one thing straight, this is not a sign there is anything wrong with the battery whatsoever. Lots of cars were no problem at all until the lockdown, mine included. Once it had stood a few days and I started getting a low battery warning, whatever I did would only provide a temporary fix and would not get the car back to where it was. It's as though the system has reset itself to a different level and nothing will budge it. You just have to learn to live with it for now, whatever you find will work for you. Despite what people say, nobody on this forum really seems to know exactly what is happening and how to fix it. Or do they?
  6. Good to see confirmation that this was NOT a battery problem, and the current draw got down to around 10mA once everything went to sleep. That's more like it.
  7. The question wasn't what problems it causes, we're all now familiar with that, but HOW exactly does it work? Then we can better learn to live with it, or better still, try and get it fixed.
  8. A cheap multimeter will sort the basics out as to whether it's charging ok and the best and cheapest test to see if it's any good is to listen to the car starting up. You can tell whether the battery has enough umpy or not just by feel and sound.
  9. Don't be too quick to blame Ford. It's highly unlikely that problems with updating will be their fault when it works perfectly well for most people. More likely to be the way you format the usb stick and unzip the files. And the reason the info on updating is hard to get is because it has been posted hundreds of times already. There are 3 parts to the latest updates - Sync 3.4 to version 20351, approx. 1Gb, navigation voice files (4), approx 8Gb, and map updates F9 to F10 ( not currently being offered to me), F9 update approx 22Gb. You don't need the voice updates, exactly same as before, but OTA updates (yes, it works perfectly well sat on your drive connected to home wifi, and will start from where it left off if interrupted) only offers you one file containing English. Change your car's language to Spanish and the 2nd file is immediately offered. Install all 4 files from the Ford website, send back the xml file ( I had to do this after using the troubleshooting file, but worked perfectly well) and I'm no longer being offered the 8Gb voice files update. I'm now up to date both website and OTA waiting for F10 maps if they ever get released. Hope this helps, but how long before someone asks exactly the same questions?
  10. Waggy

    Speed Cameras

    The nearest thing to speed cameras on my nav is called "Hazard Spot Warnings". Try Settings - Navigation Settings - Navigation Preferences - Hazard Spot Warnings. There you can select to show icons on the map, audible alerts, or both. Seems to pick up most of the fixed cameras around where I am, but not sure where it gets the info or how often it's updated. If I'm really wanting reliable warnings I use the free TomTom app AmiGO on my phone. Worked flawlessly up to now.
  11. I was referring to the note you quoted, and wrongly assumed it was a note you had been sent from your dealer, not information you had personally provided. Sorry for that. My previous Astra had even more electronic toys than I have now. I left that parked at Manchester for 15 days in January, had to literally hack ice away from the doors to get in, fired up first time no problem. I left it at Heathrow for 31 days in October, got back, fired up first time no problem. I find it very difficult to accept that the problems people are experiencing are normal. We could do with a definitive statement as to the expected current draw when all modules are properly sleeping.
  12. That's rubbish, and works out at a current draw over 100mA. I parked my car up at the airport last March for 15 days and had no trouble starting up when I returned. Somebody needs to try harder next time they fob us off.
  13. It's a general problem affecting all models. Just scroll down a bit to find dozens of posts reporting exactly the same problems. Dealers seem to be particularly "unaware" and unwilling to help at the moment.
  14. Excellent question. I've not seen any posts which explain how this "smart" system actually works. But I think most people accept there is some sort of problem whereby the BMS reports a low state of charge, starts to shut things down, but the battery itself is perfectly healthy. All we know for now is that the problem has reared its head since many people are using their cars less frequently and that resetting the BMS gives a temporary fix.
  15. Take no notice. They're jealous cos you've got a brand new ST. Oh, so have I!
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