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  1. steering column uj joint

    don't think it is but there's a second user one on fleabay of a cmax https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-C-MAX-2007-2011-STEERING-KNUCKLE-UNIVERSAL-JOINT/173075926889?hash=item284c210f69:g:uyQAAOSwRXRZO8Ax
  2. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    headlight flickering on startup means battery voltage is low ..
  3. One touch windows down but not up

    i was under the impression you had to have all 4 electric windows for this feature to work ..only the drivers side is 1 touch down on mine ..passenger side is hold button in both directions
  4. Premium membership

    must depend on who's serving you. i do offer both on every purchase sometimes i'm lucky but most times they say it's at their discretion..i have queeried it.. i was told that halfords views the members card like gift vouchers .. but as you say it is worth trying
  5. Premium membership

    membership card doesn't have any name on it ..but my local halfords will not allow me to use both trade and ford owners card at the same time .normally the membership card gets a bigger discount ..unless its lightbulbs
  6. Major electrical issues

    i used f131..rear wiper ..(late 2007 model)
  7. What model do I have MK1 or MK1.5 ????

    it's the mk 1.5..the mk1 had the indicators in the front bumper yours are in the headlights
  8. MK2 Power steering pipes

    question was is the part listed the new design sorry didn't check to see what car you own, the listed item is the updated version for my car ..just looked at the receipt and i paid £86 from local ford inc the union nut i used the green power steering fluid (WSA-M2C204-A2) as that's what is in the handbook and was already in my reservoir (from new) ....flushed and refilled while i was at it receipt is dated 4 years ago ..mine was leaking from the union but was advised to change the lot - as it turned out i had to cut the pipe to get the nut off (turned into those days)
  9. MK2 Power steering pipes

    that's the same as the one i fitted to mine a few years ago.. you need to replace the union nut ..i have to say i didnt enjoy doing the job the old nut gave me some problems undoing ..mine has the mechanical pump if that helps
  10. Control arms

    there must be an easier way to identify what size ball joints are fitted (apart from physically measuring them) is there any relation to engine code/build date or disc size? (drums on rear etc) .. did ford just randomly picked parts they had in stock when producing the focus or was there a change over year when they uprated to 21mm?
  11. MK2.5 1,6 Zetec TIMING BELT

    have looked here? http://replace-timing-belt.com/ yours is listed somewhere ..did mine last year took more than the time they state but then i did in on my drive not in a fully equipped garage and i was in no hurry.. not a difficult task but some parts are tight to get at
  12. Tesco diesel

    it still all comes from the same place and meet the same standards if it didnt there would be thousands of cars failing mot on emissions ..there is a fuel distribution center local to me and every tanker visits it ..shell bp tesco asda texaco you pay more for the additives not cheaper grade fuel
  13. Tesco diesel

    as stoney said tankers all get the fuel from the same dept but additives and detergents get added to the actual fuel tanker depending on who has asked for the delivery. my understanding is that supermarket fuels are cheaper because they opt for different additives than commercial forecourts .. its exactly the same stuff as sainsbury’s, asda , bp shell Texaco etc ..except they don’t use detergents , matter of choice .i never use supermarket fuels but its not because I’m afraid it will harm the engine ..i think it’s worth the extra for the additives, the important thing is the octane rating - if there's a problem with the car it was present before tesco fuel was used
  14. Rear oval badges

    maybe it's because i only go there when i want a free badge.
  15. Rear oval badges

    i think we should be allowed to add that word to list of expletives