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  1. I think they are, this is screnshot from stream mode in Windows Forscan.
  2. Good idea, but I don't think this number ever changed, I've been playing with climate controls with Forscan running.
  3. Thanks! But this looks like a different value, mine is called INCARTEMP in both Windows and Android Forscan.
  4. Well, I checked and mine was spinning. I don't understand the behaviour. Now it looks like the problem is gone, A/C is no longer blowing cold air. But INCARTEMP in ForScan is still showing 215C, which does not seem correct. Could anyone check this value in his car? I'm not even sure it's this sensor anymore and maybe it's related to another one? Also about that recall, MY15 is which one? I believe I have MY14 (Jan/2015).
  5. Perfect, just what I needed to hear. I've seen the fan run when car powered on, but it was only running for a short time (<1sec) and then it stopped. Is it supposed to run all the time when climate is on? As for voltage output, do you have any idea what would be normal value around at around 20degC?
  6. Unfortunately this sensor is more complicated than the one behind the bumper. There is humidity sensor and a fan too and the thermistor is not directly connected to connector pins. So it's either sending voltage or CAN messages. There is a coating on both sides of PCB and it's not possible to read chip identification. If I disconnect it, there are two DTCs so wiring is probably not an issue. The part # is DG9H-19T562-C.
  7. Hi, I'm hunting a strange issue. Couple of days back my car stopped heating properly, if I set anything else then "Hi", cold air goes from the vents. Outside temp is read properly (checked in ForScan), but I found that INCARTEMP is always 215degC - which does not seem right, but is this the value A/C reads? If so, the behaviour would make sense, it's still too hot inside, let's blow cold air. There is a combined temperature/humidity sensor right from steering wheel, it looks ok, the thermistor is present and looks like it had reasonable resistance in ~20degC (30kOhm). Could anyone confirm this is the right sensor or is there another one somewhere else? Thanks, Martin