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  1. Reverse Light - Change Bulb

    Thanks. I'll have a look and see. Paul
  2. Hi, Just noticed that my reverse light is no longer working. Assuming its the bulb thats gone, is it an easy job to do? Had a quick look and could not see any obvious way to access the bulb. Is there anything I should check first just in case its not a broken bulb? Thanks 2003 Focus 1.8TDCi (hatchback)
  3. I was having some trouble with my 2003 Focus (1.8TDCi) with it stalling/cutting out when cold, which I got sorted. Seems it was a faulty sensor. The only thing is that now it stalls for a split second but not from cold, but after 5-6km. It happens two or three times and then its ok. I also feel the car is generally more sluggish than it used to be. The error code I get is: P0234 - engine overboost condition Any ideas? I'm off back to the garage tonight but would like to have some info from you guys first.. my mechanic mentioned possible turbo issues but he wants to have a proper look tonight. Thanks, Paul
  4. Update So it now appears as if its the inlet metering control valve. Thanks to L S Auto Repairs for telling me this was a possible cause.. Before I spend more money on this issue, does this sound like a possible cause?
  5. Looks like I spoke too soon... started it up this morning and its back.. not as bad as before, it did not cut out but "jumped" 4 or 5 times.. Guess its back to the garage.. again..
  6. 100 euro. And I'm sure it wont do any harm, but an extra 100 euro in my pocket would not have done any harm either! :)
  7. Thanks artscot. I just got my Focus back. For now, all seems well. They told me it was a camshaft sensor fault. I wont know for sure til tomorrow morning when I start it from cold but hopefully it'll be ok. Pity I had to pay for a new filter, fitting for what appears to be nothing.. That'll teach me that I should just go to a Ford garage next time!
  8. For the last month or so, my Focus has started to give me some trouble. Please bear with me as I try my best to explain, as I am not a "car guy" by any stretch of the imagination! Basically once month ago, it started fine but within the first few km it started to stall but did not cut out. The best way I can describe it is that is lost power for like 1/2 second and kinda lurched, then it was ok.. This only happened from start and after a few km it was fine.. I brought it back to the garage where I bought it (50km from my house so not too easy to get to/from) as my 12 month warranty was just about to end. They kept it for a few days and when I picked it up, they told me the fuel filter was dirty because of dirty diesel. They changed it, and charged me as it was a non warranty issue. It was fine for 3 or 4 days, then it started again.. a lot less than before but I was concerned. I had not added any diesel in the meantime.. I had to fill up again and it stayed the same. Not as bad as before.. just once or twice a day, not the 10 times it was before. This was last Friday. On Monday morning, things took a turn for the worse. The car not not only lurches on me.. but cuts out. It almost cuts out 7 or 8 times but it doesn't.. but maybe 2 or 3 times it cuts out.. and I have to quickly restart the engine. I went to my usual mechanic (just a few km away) and he says that there is probably still dirt in the tank. He gave me some additive to put in which I did and told me to come back in a few days.. Before I go back, I was hoping someone could help me out as its getting very very annoying. Now it ONLY happens in the first few km. After that everything is fine and its does not happen again. Could dirty diesel be the reason? I would have thought that it would happen at random intervals if that was the case, not just at the start.. The only other thing I have noticed is that when it cuts out, sometimes the battery light (and only that) comes on.. Could the battery be the culprit?? Thanks for reading this far and I really hope someone has some advice. Paul
  9. AUX/iPod input for 6000 Audio?

    Just realised I had not checked to see if anyone had replied! Anyway, thanks thesilverfox but there is no AUX button on my 6000 model. This means I am out of luck?
  10. AUX/iPod input for 6000 Audio?

    Just came across this thread and its exactly what I am looking to so with my 2003 Zetec. I have the same head unit. A few questions I hope someone can answer: 1) I assume the cable comes out somewhere under the glove box? 2) How do you select the AUX input? 3) How easy is this to do / what are the chances of me messing things up badly?? Thanks, Paul