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  1. Well tried to fill the centre hole in the oil housing today with no difference. Im down to the oil pump has failed but god knows how.
  2. not sure tbh could have been the filter in the banjo bolt as that was quite dirty and or the stuck veins which have now been sorted, but after the turbo had failed my brother drove the car 3 miles back to my parents without any oil lights then i tried disconnecting the MAF sensor during diagnosis and he drove it down the road with no oil light then i connected to forscan and found no real errors that were relevant and cleared them all then drove it down the road myself with no oil light i took the air side of the turbo afterwards and started the main repair after finding the exhaust side turbine was snapped off and just resting also there was loads of play from the air side but it was only after doing the turbo we had the oil pressure light i then tried taking the bolt out of the turbo and found i was getting no oil so went through the rest of the process of replacing oil and filter and cleaning strainer and vac pump and oil cooler tried again priming and starting and running for a few seconds and still have the same oil pressure light. i'm leaning towards a worn pump that cannot pick the oil up at the moment that has perhaps drained with me introducing air back into the turbo oil lines so i will probably back fill from the oil filter housing to try and get the flow started
  3. Hi everyone. So my brother has a 1.6 tdci focus and surprise surprise the turbo failed. I have replaced the turbo core and the oil feed pipe as well as removing the gauze out of the banjo bolts. We used the old bolts but ensured they were clear before putting them back in. We them attempted to start the car with the injectors unplugged to prime the turbo. I then reconnected the injectors and started the car. The oil pressure light has now come on. So today I removed the sump and cleaned the strainer and sump, whilst I was at it I cleaned the oil cooler and vacuum pump gauze too. Recehcked the oil pipe for the tube took it off completely blew through it and blew through both banjo bolts. All are clear and clean. Re fitted everything and refilled oil and coolant. Tried to prime the turbo again with the injectors disconnected and then reconnected and again got oil pressure light on start left it running for 10 seconds then switched it off as i don't want to damage anything. If I take the oil filter out and turn the key to crank the engine without the injectors connected I see no oil being pumped to the filter and if I undo the banjo bolt on the turbo I get no oil whilst cranking. Now correct me if I'm wrong here but really what are the chances of having a failed oil pump when it was working fine before we replaced the turbo If it's not the pump what am I missing. Someone please help this is driving me potty lol TIA
  4. Did you ever find out why you were getting no oil through the turbo oil feed pipe. I have replaced the turbo and oil feed pipe on the focus I have however when trying to prime the turbo I get no oil through the feed pipe at all and since jacking it up and removing the turbo I now have the low pressure light on permenant. My plan today is to remove the vacuum pump and clean and then start at the sump. Any advice where I've gone wrong would be much appreciated