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  1. Do yous attend ford live at knockhill racing circu every year by any chance to.
  2. Hey folks I just thout I wood ask I am no geting compression in 2.3.4 cylinders has any budy else had this problem I know what it is.
  3. Good cars you can do a lot to them like put intercoolers on them e.t.c and welcome to the form
  4. I hate doing them to but I will send car parts lol thow.
  5. Yeah mate it wood like stoney said it just sticks over the top mate.
  6. Thanks mate much appreciated do you go to knockhill a lot for ford live a tail mate.
  7. Thanks I have a ford focus mk1 1.4 lx had it 3 years doing it up no finished yet just put new alternator new belt on it and week after that went down to it woodent start so got one of my neighbors my pal to look at and found out it might be the valves.
  8. Fordy dean


    How long you had that
  9. Hey guys I'm dean new on this just looking to see what this is like no passed my test yet but just on hear to get any tips you guys may have or help yous can give me info on ford parts e.t.c thanks have a chat.