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  1. hey alex sorry for not reporting back - I have lodged a email and call back from the email provided, but still had no real response, they just replied with does the locking system work remotely, and then it says another 72 hours to hear back...pretty useless so far! but my dad has the same car and never used his at all has he doesn't have a smart phone! so I logged his car into the app exactly the same way I did mine, initially the live traffic was still greyed out, then I went back on to the app and instantly his had subsrciptions in the listing on the app! clicked on that that and it was live, went into the sync menu and suddenly it was able to be swiped blue like the rest above! so his worked and I set it up just the same (only difference is his car is already a year old)! so basically for whatever reason its just like the subscription on mine just hasn't been enabled, no idea why, how or if the goons at fordpass will even offer it everything else works (well locking doors sporadically works, but it does work most of the time so it is enabled)
  2. hey alex yep I have all of those listed - bar subsriptions, its like its missing from my list/car , I have vehicle support, then the remove vehicle button, no subscriptions in between maddave - would be interesting to know how your dealer sorted this out, id love to know how to get it sorted thanks for the pics and replies, least its clear im missing the subscriptions thing in the list now, assume once I get that on the list it all works perfectly as it should
  3. ok cool will try it with the wifi connected then also just to note on a colleagues kuga - on her app she has the option on the app itself to enable live traffic in a list of options, which im assuming I should have, mines doesn't have that option there at all, you can either enable or disable it in the app on hers
  4. do I need to be near wi-fi at home or work to get the ball moving with it or something?
  5. ok - so just redone everything- turned off hotspot master reset of the sync deleted the app started afresh, got past the pending stage and approval, I can now lock and unlock the car via the app but still the live traffic is greyed out, there is no option to add this anywhere that I can see, neither on the app or on sync, exactly the same issue as the guy who created the thread I do have the little up and down arrows in the top right corner which seems to suggest its connected, but live traffic is just dark greyed out with no option to swipe etc
  6. ok thanks I will give it a try and start over again, fingers crossed can get it working 🙂 cheers for help ill report back
  7. it just has the vehicle details on it, nickname - license plate - base warranty - (which is blank) vin - odometer - theres nothing else on that page at all no subrsciptions menu or anything
  8. Hi comares thanks for the replies on my vehicle details there is no mention of live traffic anywhere, it also does not have any subscriptions menu either
  9. so I can turn the hotspot off completely as its no relevance to anything I need? im assuming once the car decides to be activated this connectivity screen will allow me back in to access the screen with live traffic on the modem must be on as ive connected it to my work wifi, so now Im hoping its just a case of me being able to activate it in the car, as it just says pending still on the phone app, hopefully by the time im going home it will have been sat long enough to kick it back in and give me the on screen instructions to do so
  10. well ive just reset everything its now just stuck saying pending activation, ive been in and out of the car still had no messages on my display to activate it.... just to confirm, ive turned off the wifi hotspot connectivity(as im assuming this is the Vodafone link thing which shouldn't be required to access the live traffic), the ford pass connectivity section on the sync3 menu says its no accessible now, assuming that's because its still in pending activation?
  11. hi Comares thanks for that buddy, will have a look now then and try to redo it, ill report back in 10 mins as I have my car with me accessible right now 🙂 the only other thing I did was sign upto the hotspot thing, as it kept taking me through to Vodafone to sign up so I did, wonder if that's got something to do with it? I will just do a hard reset on the car in general setting and do the above with the app too cheers
  12. hi Alex s did you manage to sort this? im having the exact same problem, any step by step to a solution? I have connected it all up but my live traffic is blanked out exactly like yours, I would like the live traffic thing as it will prove very handy for my job any ideas? shall I do a full reset and remove the vehicle from my ford pass app? any help really appreciated thanks