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  1. Once you squirt Tyre with foam, Tyre can not be repaired 😞 only do that as a last resort :):) Are the wheels "alloy" as they are notorious for leaking around the rim ??
  2. Hi Guys, i have just changed my mk6 Ghia for a mk 6 zetec climate. The problem i am having is the rear doors. Wife tried to get out and said the child lock's must be on. After a look at the door's there is NO place to put the key to turn them ON or OFF 😞 Am i missing something as i can't see this being a STANDARD thing ????? Cheers, John
  3. Well that can be said with ANY problem 😞 no two car's are the same 🙂
  4. I have a 05 GHIA and it does NOT have a trip computer 😞
  5. Hi again everyone 🙂 Had my MK6 fiesta for a couple of weeks now, and i am still finding it very unusual 😞 I could not believe for instance, that it does not have a TRIP COMPUTER. After a little research, iv'e noticed a couple of different options. Some have the TRIP button on the end of the indicator stalk, but some have it on the end of the wiper stalk. Considering my car is a GHIA I thought it would have this function, but for some reason it hasn't 😞 I also thought it would have 'heated seat's (leather seats are in it ) but none of these are fitted. Just to classify, It's a MK6 1.4 GHIA 55 plate. Would like info from someone regarding what this car should,or should not have fitted as there are so many different layouts for this car ??? Thank's, John
  6. Yeah i realize that Jonro2009 but i am more concerned about getting one if it is NOT changeble 😞
  7. Thank you for the help guys, but i need a little more 😞 My MK6 🙂 has the LED fuel and temperature gauges. On later ones these are replaced with two "standard" gauges, top center of the instrument cluster (which i prefer) Can anyone tell me if the connections are the same on both types? IE, can i change the instrument cluster to the one with clocks for temp and fuel????
  8. Sry guys, having trouble uploading pictures to PC. i'll post couple pictures when i get it sorted :(:(
  9. Hello everyone. Just bought a ford fiesta 55 plate, and i am having trouble finding exactly which MK it is :( It's a, Fiesta 1.4 Ghia on a 55 plate. Been looking for spare parts i need, and results come up MAINLY as a MK6. It needs a front bumper, but there are that many different ones {fog lights etc} that i'm not sure if the correct parts. Are parts between mk's interchangeable ? Do different shape fog lights round/triangular lights have same fittings, or does a complete purchase (with covers} fit in mine??? Mine has triangular type fitted. Any help would be gratefully accepted :) cheers, John