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  1. Boot lock doesn't work door locks 😞
  2. Hi guy's i am looking for advice on a weird noise my car is doing. It is when the car is stood, whether it is locked, or unlocked, every 15-20seconds there is a noise that sounds similar to the locking motors actuating. The car IS NOT locking or unlocking, so i am completely baffled. Everything as far as the central locking is concerned is working as it should. A while ago my car was not used for10 or so days, and the battery was flat, so i'm wondering if this noise could be the reason. Any advice would be well received 2007 mk6.5 fiesta zetec
  3. Which 2 fuses ?? I can only find one F20 i believe ??
  4. I have the exact same problem, had all fuses checked and they are all fine 😞
  5. A little update, the instrument panel lights are not working either 😑
  6. Hi, everyone. Have looked through the forum and haven't found my problem with answer so here goesπŸ™„ Got some LED number plate lights and went to fit them. Connected them both up and tried them before replacing into boot. WOW i thought, brilliant. Put the first one back in, great!!! went to put the second one in and they BOTH went out 😞 Ah i thought, must have blown a fuse. Took car to a mate ( who's a mechanic, and he tested every fuse in the fuse box, and NO BLOWN FUSES. Took one of the lights back out, and sure enough there was NO POWER. My mate was dumb struck. What i am wanting to know, as he had pointed out was "is there an in-line fuse anywhere ??? Hope someone can share some light on this πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ no pun intended !!!!!!
  7. Hi, forgive me if I'm wrong, but is it the light above petrol light?? If so, on mine (mk6 facelift) it's the HANDBRAKE warning light. πŸ™
  8. Hi guys, hope can find some help for this πŸ™‚ After several car break ins in my area, I've been looking at cheap alarms. From what I can gather, most alarms have central locking option. My question is, can i use ignition key remote to lock/unlock car (it has remote locking) and arm/disarm the alarm system, or would love have to use new remote that is with alarm??? 2007 Mk 6 Fiesta 14 zetec.
  9. Does anyone ever read previous posts, instead of asking same questions over and over πŸ™„
  10. My 2007 mk6 does not have a manual lock on passenger door :(:(:(
  11. Thank's ZD86 for reply :) Yes i have been told that it's better to fit disigned to fit fiesta. You pay more,but much easier to install. Thinking about this one :) Cheer's John
  12. Hi Guy's, more a question than a problem πŸ™‚ Has anyone on here fitted a multimedia Player in there fiesta ??? Basically i fancy one, and the cheapest one's are made in china. What i need to know is WILL THEY FIT MY CAR ??? I have a double din 6000cd player in mine,, not the triple dash one. I have looked and i do need a fitting kit, but i have heard that a lot of the chinese players will not fit these kits 😞 Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚ Cheer's in advance, John
  13. Nice one GazjsI have been looking also for this. not a lot of info on Google πŸ€” The only other thing is you need clips to remove Radio/cd if i am not mistaken ???
  14. Hi guys and girls, finally got out to check steering fluid this morning, car needed a run out to keep battery charged. Took the top off steering fluid container { which wasn't tight ) topped it up as was a little lower than should be, and it seem's to have cured the problem. Whether it was the top not being tight, if that would affect it 😞 or not i'm not certain. Anyway thank's to everyone for trying to help out, it's really appreciated Take care all at this horrible time
  15. No, it turns fine (although a bit stiff πŸ™‚ with the engine off. I think it is a power steering problem. I am going to check the fluid etc. tomorrow weather permitting,as been told if the fluid is low it could cause this πŸ™‚ We'll see