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  1. Hi all, i might as well start from the beginning. I have recently discovered that i had a water leak in the passenger footwell. I lifted up the foot mats and discovered that the carpet was soaked underneath, with further investigation i found that the passenger rear was in a similar state and i had a small damp patch in the drivers side where the fuel cap release lever is. I did a bit of research on various forums and found that most people were advising to remove the inside door panels and check the seals that hold the card inside on to the door. I did this simple procedure and found that the sealant was coming away from the top and the bottom, not completley but there were obvious holes, plus i found that the sponge door card at the bottom was soaked in water (just the edge). I lifted the main carpet right up out of the way and there was puddles of water in the footwell right up to the sound proofing. I went and brought some more sealant (asda's bathroom selant to be precise) and re-sealed all of the seals that were broken. I am just waiting them to dry, i have the car parked under a shelter out of the rain, i also have the carpet lifted as high as i could get it and have the dreaded task of drying everything out now. This led me to wonder, why should there be water on the inside of the door panel anyway? how does it initially get in? what does the sealant do, as in does it stop the water from intruding from inside the door or what? Does anybody else have any input on this problem i have? Is there anyone who thinks it could be something else? my first thoughts were that it was the door seals themselves, but they looked dry? I may go around for a couple of days (or until its dry) with the air-con blowing heat at the footwells, if this all work i will start on the drivers side, and maybe the o/s/r. (which is actually dry but i can still check the seals) thanks MONDEO 2.0 TDDI 52 PLATE
  2. Hi all, I have a Mondeo 2.0 DDi on a 52 plate. A couple of months ago the blower stopped working on positions 1,2,3 but worked fine on 4. Found out about the heater resistor and replaced it, with a second hand one, Everything worked fine for a couple of months. A couple of days ago the whole lot stopped working even on position 4, so i had a bit of a read up and found out that sometimes the blower doesn't work when the resistor goes, so i thought i'll just buy a brand new one, £10 from ford. replaced it and the blowers still don't work on any setting. The only thing i think it could be is the motor itself, Just found a blower motor on ebay for £30 so i have brought it anyway. dosen't seem like it could be the switch on the console, and when i move it to a setting it sort of makes a very quite buzzing noise for a second from around the dash, and when the engine is running the revs dip a bit as though power is being sent to the motor, but nothing is happening. Everything points to the motor. A few things to point out, before it all stopped the blower started making a few squealing noises when first switched on, i just assumed it was a squeaky motor. Also AFTER it all stopped working and i replaced the resistor, i noticed it gets very hot where the plug connects to the motor itself. so i make sure i don't leave it on. Any views from anybody on this? are the motors common to fail? could i have missed something? the fuse was the first thing i checked as soon as it stopped working.