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  1. Update:- Fuel Filter Changed, No problems with the car. Health check all came back green *thumbs up*
  2. Cheers fella, I'll give these a shot 🙂
  3. Anyone have / bought bonnet hydraulic struts for ford Mondeo ? I got the ford Mondeo 2012 1.6 TD Eco Zetec, come across a few online but size wise what am I looking for ? Eurocarparts only shows a rear boot strut for my reg ?
  4. Yeah, so the dealership garage i had the car off did an oil and filter change ( that i am aware off as they wouldn't let me know which garage they use because they don't allow customers to know details about it apparently ? ) Will speak to the ford mechanic when i take it down Monday to put fresh oil in for me that i have in my boot just incase. I will let you know if the Fuel Filter fixes the engine malfunction error and limp mode!
  5. Couldn't see an Edit Button So will just post it here. 13th December :- dropping price down from £450 to £250 if gone by the 18th December.
  6. Hi all, Recently upgraded to a Mondeo, so no longer need this focus but will see if anyone here wants it for parts ( I want to sell whole car as don't have time / space to break and store for a long period of time ) Broken :- pulley off water pump so engine will overheat when driven. Power steering leak ( not had chance to locate but put new bottle + pipes in ) Key fob temperamental when trying to unlock but lock button works fine. It's a cat D which as you can see from the photos the damage was done to front end. I have replaced the following; Powe
  7. Yeah because I bought it from a car sales I've not had any service history documents or anything ... Literally just the v5 slip and keys haha. So not got a clue on the history of parts etc. I popped into ford dealership this afternoon and spoke with the mechanics in the shop showed them my codes and they said it's just the fuel filter so I've managed to book it in for Monday now
  8. Not that I am aware of, I've literally been quoted £93 for part + fitting for that fuel filter so that's not too bad I guess ?
  9. So bought the Mondeo TD Eco 1.6 zetec Saturday, plugged it into diagnostic tool had a few codes... Erased them all, put in for a service and there's a particular code that has come back up. Basically when driving along I will get an engine malfunction message and the car will enter limp mode with the start/ stop button on. Pull over turn car off and back on and it's cleared. However this code is still present after the guy that serviced it said it was "historical".... Found this online of possible causes but any ideas the type of price is be looking at ? P22
  10. Well... It is like they say the value halves soon as you sign that piece of paper to own it 🤷
  11. Javenge

    Welsh Members

    Greetings, Jay from Crosshands. White Mondeo 2012 1.6 TD ECO Zetec Business
  12. Hi Welcome, I seen a lovely Titanium in neath trade center wales on Saturday must say I did cry altittle at the price of it though haha.
  13. Hi Dez, Cheers for the welcome! Lovely focus you have there. It's what i currently got ready to go down the scrappy lol if you needed any body parts.
  14. Hi Everyone, I am Jay, 29 year old Materials Coordinator working in Caple Hendre industrial. Single father of two demon spawns. Used to live in Bridgend and was part of Attention Seekers / BeModified in my teen years attending those Kenfig Industrial cruises and Cardiff Gate meet ups. Thought it was only fitting now that I own a Ford to jump on here for any help and or advice I might need in the near future as my current ford experiences have not been great... lets just say. Just picked up a Ford Mondeo 1.6 TD ECO Zetec Business 2012. (So far my history with Ford Car
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