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  1. Regarding the HP pump, yes, that was kind of my fault but my mechanic should have been the wiser one to be honest. I simply took it off, took it to a diesel specialist, who said it was fine, then I went back to the car and left it in a box.... in the boot. We later found out that the Delphi pumps/injectors are super sensitive to even microscopic dust so no surprises when the injectors got shot the second we refitted it. That's why they were refurbished in the end. One thing to note regarding this, whilst trying to diagnose why the car was having a hard time starting/staying on after everything was put back together (injectors clogged) the mechanic did use a mighty amount of diesel start down the throttle body... He must have gone through a few cans trying to diagnose each and every thing, by starting the engine trying to get it to stay running, using the diesel start spray.... Could this have damaged something? I'm going to disconnect the MAF sensor tonight then take it for a spin. Could you clue me in on why I would need to try this? Does it retar-d the timing or something? Thanks fellas!
  2. Hey, why would the head start leaking randomly however? From my observations, my coolant levels are spot on. The amount of miles I've churned out in the last few months would have burnt a hell of a lot of coolant by now. No this is not regular smoke, or cold conditions. However I need this to be clear, it only happens under LOAD fully warmed up, I don't see anything on cold starts. As in regular cruising there is NO smoke! Only when I put my foot down to gain some speed, and the engine is on the lower side of the RPM's, it CHUCKS out white smoke in a nice stream.... I know cars slow down to avoid it its sad really.
  3. Yeah all checked and nothing note worthy he said. Cleaned it up and put it back no play. We refurbished the injectors because they got clogged up due to the fuel pump gasket needing changing then leaving it exposed for weeks (for other reasons) when everything was reassembled the fuel pump must of dried out at some point and ended up wasting the injectors in no time. Even with dodgy injectors, there was no visible smoke. Only a day after they where refurbished it progressively appeared and worsened. The injector shop told me over the phone that if its only happening at night time and if you can not see anything during the day/when stationary/revving, then it can't be injectors. Totally lost.
  4. This is what I thought but the supplier is telling me they've sold a bunch over the last few months and nobody has called to complain. They told me to put in a claim and that they won't be replacing them again. Sadly, it was me that purchased the original set, like an idiot, in the hopes to save a buck. The mechanic has been dealing with it on his end however as he has their details. My mechanic said its possible that the CV joints are not lubricated correctly from the factory, and that once you start hearing noises, its game over. It means they are damaged. I'm just curious, weather or not it could be something else, but nothing comes to mind. Could it be a rough bush somewhere causing this headache? I just can't get my head around it. It definitely sounds like the creaking/pop from the joints.
  5. The closest I got to an answer was this thread, but sadly, the guy stopped posting so obviously he found a solution in the end but didn't post back! I'm so gutted!!! https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/65170-focus-18-tdci-smoking-when-accelerating/
  6. Guys I just want to follow this up as it has progressively gotten worse to the point that I get scared to take off from lights. Just some observations over the last few weeks: 1) It only happens under LOAD. So if I take off with my foot at around 30% throttle, I see white hazed smoke thinning the air behind me. If I floor it, I cover the whole road with a STREAM of white smoke! I usually observe the cars behind me slowing down to avoid the steam show!!! 2) If I gently take off, I barely notice anything. If I "coast" along, its fine, no smoke. HOWEVER, If I am coasting along at say 40mph and need to climb to 50 quickly SMOKE EVERYWHERE. So 100% I'm confident it is under heavy load and not regular driving. The question is, what causes this? If you read the first post, you will see that it only started after the injectors and fuel pump was replaced. I'm seriously lost here. All the help is appreciated.
  7. Thanks guys, this is much appreciated. I've already ordered the reader just waiting for it to arrive. 👍
  8. Hey, Hoping someone can help me with this. My right driveshaft was acting up, clicking, poping sounds when turning or reversing etc, so I went ahead and took it to the mechanic and had it replaced. Shortly after (the following week) my left driveshaft stated vibrating and CV joints started popping, so without delay I had that replaced too. Around a week later the CV joint on the left side started clicking/poping. I first heard it when I reversed up a slight incline (where I live basicly) so every morning it started popping. Then without fail, the right side went, and both started to click/crack/pop every time I put the car into reverse --- I want to note that this does NOT happen in any other scenario, just when going into reverse, usually up a slight incline. I returned back to the mechanic, and he simply contacted the supplier, who sent out new CV joints. He replaced them and within about an HOUR.... the clicking sound on BOTH of them RETURNED. Surprised I go back to the mechanic who listened out, and says its definitely the CV joints. This time he ordered the full driveshaft & cv joint assembly on BOTH sides of the car, so he has now changed the driveshafts AND cv joints!! All was well until the morning, when I had to reverse up an incline, I put it into reverse, and BAM there it is again, a different note/tone, but definitely the CV joint, which one however I couldn't tell. I phoned the mechanic who is seriously suprised and telling me this is impossible and to bring it in when I can. My question here is this... If its NOT the CV joints, what could be causing near identical noise? After googling nothing but CV joints come up, a random post mentioned that it could be brake pads that are worn jumping around, but that's not the case as they are new. And trust me, I could tell the difference. The cracking/popping noises are definitely metallic stress related. Could the replacement shaft/joint be also faulty? The supplier has rejected to replace them for the third time, and told us to make a claim. So I'm stuck! Quick note: wishbones, ball joints, drop links, gearbox mount and front shocks/suspension were all replaced recently for nice tidy bill. Nothing I can think of could be wrong causing this problem. Any clues to this oddity?
  9. Hey, wait your telling me an injector coder is £20???? 😡 Yeah, I'm okay with cars, I usually do my own servicing... usually.... its just with this one, I was really lazy and just paid my mechanic to sort it this time around, its cold outside 🙂 On a serious note, I'm really pee'd off the guy charged £100 call out to reprogram the injectors. I thought you needed a specific Ford software to do that?? He was gone in under 5 minutes.
  10. Thanks for the reply! I will ask the mechanic to take a look at the turbo and then take it back to the injector place, I just hope it is injectors otherwise that's a £200 bill to just test and refit them. The Turbo is an interesting theory, I mean, I know its high mileage, but right after injector replacement? seems odd but not improbable.
  11. Hey, the problem is getting significantly worse.... Now its at full rev band, especially at take off. Please, any suggestions would be a start.
  12. Hello gents and ladies I had an odd problem with my 2-litre diesel for a while, it took a few mechanics to finally figure out I had a leaking fuel pump. I made a massive mistake by buying a used fuel pump to replace it with, which ended up messing up all the injectors on the spot, causing them to clog up and fail. I was annoyed at the mechanic for not warning me in regards to Delphi fuel pumps and injectors on their sensitivity to prolonged or exposed storage, but whatever, damage had now been done (pump had dried, or dirt built up whilst in storage) It turned out later that the original fuel pump outer gasket simply needed replacing, and that the pump itself was fine (apparently). On went the original pump with a new gasket for a grand total of £8. Along with a cost of new injectors… see below. I called a reputable injector refurbishment place not far from me who offered rebuilt injectors for £120 each (£480 for the set) which although a lot, was cheaper then the £625 quote for new injectors. As I went to collect them, they told it was £480 + VAT which worked out just shy of £600 so I was gutted I never went with the new set to begin with. The plus side to this is, the fuel rail and lines were also refurbished/cleaned. Onto the actual problem I’m having. (Just a note I had NO white smoke problem BEFORE we touched the fuel pump or injectors. Also, it is definitely NOT condensation.) After refitting the refurbished injectors in the correct order they were taken out, one of the injectors was causing injector knocking between 1,500 – 2,250 RPM’s. I phoned the injector place immediately who told me they may simply need recoding. After a call out the a ford specialist who bought his gear and charged me £100 call out to plug in and reprogram the injectors, he informed me they probably didn’t need programming anyway, and that the injectors go through a learning curve for around 50 miles. - I’m not sure if this is true. After driving for around 20 miles on the motorway, the sound had completely disappeared so it was happy days for at least the first 100 miles of driving (or the first 24 hours) On the second day I noticed a slight bit of smoke when accelerating. Assuming it was just burn off, I ignored it, however, by the third day I had covered just shy of 500 miles (took a round trip) and the smoke has now intensified and is there constantly when accelerating anywhere between 1,500 and 2,500 RPM. Even if you slightly tap the peddle to regain a little pace between 1,800 and 2,000 rpm you see a good amount of white smoke trail (but not heavy or super thick) especially if there are cars behind me with headlights on. It is not pleasant at all and not normal for sure. Could the fuel pump be faulty? We put back on the original pump with a new gasket. Or better yet, would a faulty pump (with no visible leaks) cause white smoke? As I am strapped for cash for a few weeks, I need to know what the best course of action is here? Do you think I need to get the injector specialist involved, or is it something my mechanic may have done wrong? What is the first thing you guys would look at in this circumstance? Any clues on where to start? Trying to keep costs of diagnostics and repairs as low as possible due to Christmas 🙂