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  1. Boost Gauge

    Has anyone fitted one to there mk7 tdci fiesta? I have one which i got for another car but sold it so thought i could put it in the fiesta. Any pictures of where you ran the air line pipe and also where you put the t piece in too???
  2. Morning Not sure what's going on but twice now I have been going along about 1minute or so and its like there is no boost. Pushing down in the accelerator the revs wont increase but the car itself idles OK and no lights on the dash are flashing. But as soon as I turn the car off and on its fine?? Now I had filled up with different diesel between the 2 times its happened in case it was a bad batch but no change. Stripped airbox down to see if its blocked but nothing. So now I need some advice.
  3. What Lowering Springs??????

    Is that a zs or a titanium as its got chrome fog surrounds???
  4. What Lowering Springs??????

    Did you get the springs designed for the diesel or for petrol? As thats the lowest i have seen a mk7 on 30mm eibachs. Might get them instead of the aps.
  5. Side Skirt End Caps

    i purchased these the other day, going to slightly trim mine a bit as its not a perfect fit but cant complain at that price. ford wanted 157 for the whole kit
  6. Fiesta In The Park

    I went a few years ago and I paid at the gate. So think you can again. There is a website for it. Hit Google up
  7. Boost Gauge

    It won't help cos its a boost gauge.The vent on the side between the door and dash does that job. Tho its never got that steamy in my car.
  8. Boost Gauge

    I did think about drilling the plastic part but then thought about replacing the ribbed part. But maybe I will go back to the plastic. Cheers
  9. Boost Gauge

    right i have done some bits but i have hit a problem. My pipe from my turbo is slightly different. Its not a flat pipe its got lots of ridges and no where to get a flat surface to get a decent air tight fixing. As seen here: Going to see someone tomorrow and see what ideas they can come up with. But on the plus side i have sorted a place for the gauge to go: Going to rediret the air away from the back of the gauge, thinking towards my feet.
  10. When's The New Fiesta St Coming Out?

    Owned a vxr corsa for about a year and can say the actual drive of the car was very nice. Seats very comfy and I really liked the car. Just not very reliable so got rid. Personally the St does nothing for me, think its quite a lame effort by ford on the design front. Rather go for a couple year old focus St.
  11. Boost Gauge

    i am rolling a 1.6tdci, will read your guide and report back. cheers
  12. St On Top Gear

    it was a 1.6 lol with fake dials
  13. How Low To Go?

    Here is mine when it was lowered on ap coilovers so you can see the difference between standard and pretty much as low as they will go.
  14. Tdci Cold Start

    my 2009 tdci 1.6 is having problems in this weather. I start it wait a while for things to warm up but once you go and the revs drop it stalls. Engine malfunction comes up and i have to start again. Very lumpy and now thinking a trip to ford is in order. But since reading this i am wondering if i need to let it warm up for longer. it was -15 last night and is now -13 so think its struggling in this cold snap. Anyone else struggling with there tdci mk7 fiesta then let me know
  15. Mk7 Fiesta Tdci Zetec S Tuning

    i have the older 1.6 and i know need info on this 144bhp fiesta....any links to the diesel forum?
  16. tidy, maybe something to consider in the future. Now ......can the heated front screen be retro fitted....
  17. Tinted Lights Feeback?

    Awful, screams max power magazine
  18. Well i have started it, only done a bit so far but here is a peak... Its going to be a long process but come the cold nights i will be beavering away with it.
  19. Seat Retrim....i Can Has!!!

    Yea i just wondered if anyone knew of a comapny selling or if someone on here was a supplier of vinyl. Cheers tho
  20. Seat Retrim....i Can Has!!!

    Well i have not been on here for ages, just a pic of proof i still have the fiesta. Anyone care to share where the cheapest place to buy vinyl to cover my roof of my fiesta??? Thinking matt black?
  21. Seat Retrim....i Can Has!!!

    Cheers people.
  22. Seat Retrim....i Can Has!!!

    I wanted white from the moment i see one, red would have been my second choice.
  23. Seat Retrim....i Can Has!!!

    Yea i am a fan of red, always wanted to do a red re-trim on my car so this was the one. My old cars have all been black and another colour. So this was a change.