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  1. I wouldn't get your hopes up on the SYNC update. I (and others on here) have already updated to the latest version provided on the Ford website. It does nothing to fix this error long term.
  2. There's a battery drain update? Mine finally went in after being completely dead on my driveway through lockdown. They said the battery has failed, then miraculously it charged up so put it back in. I collected last friday, Sunday Auto Start/Stop worked. By Wednesday it was no longer working again. I suspect battery drain. This car really is lovely to drive, but such a disappointment that things don't work and Ford can't / won't fix. I'm not sure I will ever buy another Ford.
  3. I am going to be ringing ford to tell them to collect the car to get it "fixed". Not wasting one of my breakdown call outs on a faulty car. I'm sure battery drain is a common fault mentioned either earlier in this thread or another. Glad I'm not the only one whose car has died after no use. Actually, no I'm not glad, also feel sorry for you. Agree, this car is becoming a joke. Had a 59 plate Mondeo for 10 years and not one problem. Thankfully our older S-Max also seems to work perfectly. This focus is seriously putting me off ever getting another Ford though.
  4. Hmm, so guess I'm not getting the update. Tried to use the car for the first time in 2 weeks and it won't even open. I'm guessing the battery has discharged to being completely flat. This even though it went for a service at the beginning of March and it said the battery was fine. A battery shouldn't die on a car that's only 1 year old surely?
  5. I thought we didn't get OTA updates in the UK? I'm not sure where you are checking on the Ford Website. The only place I know is the Sync 3 updates and there's nothing new for me there. Where are you looking?
  6. So one day later and auto start/stop didn't work again today. Emergency call system malfunction hasn't returned, yet. error message today but my front speakers are cutting out unless I press the emergency button. Oh well. It's the hope that kills you.
  7. So one day later and auto start/stop didn't work again today. Emergency call system malfunction hasn't returned, yet.
  8. Mines just come back from having its first service. I mentioned the malfunction to them when I dropped it off. When I picked it up they said there was a TCU update which they have applied. Too early to tell on the malfunction re-appearing but auto start/stop magically worked on the way home for the first time in months.
  9. Well, after about a month of mine working perfectly, Emergency call system malfunction is also back for me. The Fuse 11 trick is what worked for a month. Now back to dodgy sound etc. I even had it tell me it couldn't communicate with the camera this morning. The joys of modern cars with too much technology that the manufacturers have no idea how to program, troubleshoot or fix.
  10. OK, I've got sick having to press the SOS button every journey to get my front speakers back. I was going to try the Fuse 11 tip from earlier, but just wanted to confirm something. I've got to the passenger fuse box but it seems to be a single fuse for 11 and 12 together. Is that right? Or am I being dense? Also, should I pull that with the engine on or off. I'm so not technical.
  11. So glad I found this. My Focus has started with this exact same problem. It was registered in March but I only bought it about a month ago. Just started this week with the malfunction message and like others this cuts out my front speakers. Madness that Ford cannot fix this fault.