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  1. Strange one, never heard of it myself. however a google search throws up all sorts ! Is there any history of the car having had any previous work carried out in that area, and by reading your post i understand the problem also occurs using the passenger window switch too ? Had a look at my 2005 and the loom connector is on a connector on the A pillar, so if the same i would remove door card etc or whatever you have to do to get to switches and wiring - then carry out a contininuity check between the switch etc to the connector in the event one cable is open circuit ?
  2. I have read this too chris, doesn't a rubber grommet wear too on the ball pin or something ? a pic of the linkage assembly below.
  3. Never taken mine off, i would imagine as with most trims with no screws or covers that it will just pop off Vic - just like seatbelt post covers etc ? If you show me a pic and it's same as mine i will have a look
  4. Yes, in this case this is what i would fit too. 😀 They should be oversized anyway to allow fitting, if too big then cut thin coil shims to compensate - add gasket paste to seal too obviously. Problem is with exhaust systems as we know is when you start replacing sections you find most other joints are seized or too badly corroded to mate back up.
  5. Hi chris Exhaust bolts are a horrible job to remove, where access is possible and if it's a 13mm, i try hammering a 1/2" (12.5mm) socket on instead. Did my mk4 astra last week, all sorts to do, and lots of corrosion - i just ended up going at it with the 1mm angle grinder disc. cost 12 quid more in parts but saved hours +, I also use the cordless impact gun where possible as it shocks them well, but as previously mentioned out with the grinder if it fails. Actually been thinking i thought you could buy just a universal flexi section and clamp on either end ?
  6. Well... it appears to be natural corrosion on the gearbox end cover plate that has simply crept under the mating surfaces. Removed gear / clutch linkage, and awkward cover, battery, battery box to inspect clutch slave cylinder hose etc and all was good. had a good look around and i cannot seem to find a gasket, there wasn't one fitted either, just a silicone type mating compound. Will use a sump sealing compound. cleaned the cover surfaces, degreased and repainted - let it dry off tomorrow in the sun and refit. Good job i caught this as there was only a cup full of gear oil, will empty it from the drain plug too before refitting, then refill gear oil via the upper filler plug. Both mating surfaces require to be spotless (after removing the old sealing compound) using wire wool and degreased. Glad it wasn't the clutch slave cylinder, and i don't have a dry gearbox. !
  7. 1.4 tdci 54 plate Spotted a small patch under car when parked up. I think its hydraulic fluid from clutch slave cylinder possibly ? Inspected cover on end of gearbox and was all wet with corrosion / hence i suspected clutch fluid rather than oil. Cannot work out where its coming from as the internal clutch slave cylinder is not that close or close enough. Cleaned it all off last night, will whip battery off today and look from above, clean everything and see if i can see any fresh leak markings after a run. Been like this about a year, but fluid reseviour never drops. thought it was slave cylinder so i was going to whip box off replace slave (and clutch whilst in there) Hardly any fluid around linkage area either, anyone had this or similar before ?
  8. Very under rated car imo. we have a 1.4 tdci manual, just the wear and tear things occurred so far. Only used as a back up car as we live in a rural isolated area. Brilliant on fuel and £30 road tax.... 🤣
  9. I have the diesel 1.4 and had to replace centre section, one of the bolts snapped for me that are pressed into the front flexi flange. nightmare. If its same as the derv, then to get to bolts i went from above engine with a really long bar extension - i should have worked them back n forth with more lubricant really. as for the front - i haven't done one.
  10. Fortunate i never yet had any electrical problems on mine, however yours does sound like a bad ground as you say. I would check everything electrical in the engine bay for starters, but look out for tell tale signs that someone may have been in there previously, and failed to reconnect /tighten something correctly. Get car running static, then carefully start probing wiring, connectors etc. till fault appears. "Came on when i hit a hard rut in the road" "Has come on when I've pulled away hard" That does sound like a bad engine bay earthing issue to me or a loom / connector being stressed. My bosses son had mad issues on his recently purchased s/h Mazda - they were over complicating the diagnosis and i found it in 30 seconds - the battery earth was loose !
  11. Yeah, i have clutch to do on mine too, looking forward to doing it but defo warmer weather required.
  12. maybe that one or maybe on the ecu itself
  13. I will have a look at mine when i pick it up from garage (maybe tonight) as it's just passed the MOT after replacing headlamps.
  14. After an accidental stumble over other posts i came across this picture showing the nsr. It appears that mine was fitted the wrong way round. This picture shows what it should look like. I will strip mine and correct the previous mechanics mistake, when it gets a bit warmer !