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  1. Fortunate i never yet had any electrical problems on mine, however yours does sound like a bad ground as you say. I would check everything electrical in the engine bay for starters, but look out for tell tale signs that someone may have been in there previously, and failed to reconnect /tighten something correctly. Get car running static, then carefully start probing wiring, connectors etc. till fault appears. "Came on when i hit a hard rut in the road" "Has come on when I've pulled away hard" That does sound like a bad engine bay earthing issue to me or a loom / connector being stressed. My bosses son had mad issues on his recently purchased s/h Mazda - they were over complicating the diagnosis and i found it in 30 seconds - the battery earth was loose !
  2. Yeah, i have clutch to do on mine too, looking forward to doing it but defo warmer weather required.
  3. maybe that one or maybe on the ecu itself
  4. I will have a look at mine when i pick it up from garage (maybe tonight) as it's just passed the MOT after replacing headlamps.
  5. After an accidental stumble over other posts i came across this picture showing the nsr. It appears that mine was fitted the wrong way round. This picture shows what it should look like. I will strip mine and correct the previous mechanics mistake, when it gets a bit warmer !
  6. . Reading through similar past posts there have been issues with the fuel filter causing similar problems. I was surprised to read that they have a 37k ish / 3 years change interval. If it was electrical issue i would imagine it throws up a fault code, did the garage that diagnosed the alternator carry out a scan / read for errors ?
  7. Our lass cannot drive a manual car, passed her test many years ago in a manual though. She has been out with an instructor, in an automatic and revealed to be 100 % confident. We already have a manual fusion 1.4tdci 2006 but for her i am considering having a tyre kick on the following motor... fusion 1.4 petrol semi auto 2003 50k and full mot, nothing major on previous mot's / advisories. Has anyone owned, currently own one, or have any experience - that can give direct feedback on this version please ?
  8. Thanks for reply, yeah thats what i have done. Will double check it before mot next month. Thanks again.
  9. Hi all. nsr wheel bearing sounded like a jumbo jet, decided to replace both rear wheel bearings. Removal of drums revealed they were near knackered to be honest - so went down the route of replacing drums (with pre fitted bearings), shoes, abs rings. Being a vauxhall man for many years, the ford brakes i wasn't too familiar with.... so i photographed each side before disassembly, but noticed the automatic adjuster orientation was different on each side. Can anyone tell me if these are correct or not please ? The single pic is the nsr, the other two are the osr. Many thanks