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  1. Car keeps breaking down >:-(

    You say its a 95? is it carb fed or injected? Which type of engine?
  2. Sorry Tim, Can't comment specifically as I don't know the diesel lumps but if the timing belt has broken then the chances are you are going to have some mangled valves in there, esp. since diesels are significantly higher compression than petrol. Best thing is to whip the head off and have a look. The next thing to do is make sure you keep up with the maintainance in the future
  3. MOT puzzle

    As he said. Basically the lower wishbones, which just die after a couple of years. Should cost around £10-£20 each side from your local motor factors and a dobble to swap over.
  4. MK3 Fiesta Classic N reg

    I'm pretty sure that they are a silly odd size, you might be best to nip down to a scrappy whip em out and have a look.... they are definatly smaller than 6x9 Probs not the most helpful post ever I'm afraid.
  5. Changing Fiesta (MK3) alternator?

    Hi Winston. Its not a job I've ever done my self but really shouldn't pose you any problems. Its a simple swap the wires from one unit to the other, unbolt the old bolt in the new and adjust......
  6. SI 1600 water pump

    I'm looking quite seriously at a 96N Escort SI 1600 in need of a new water pump. How much is a new pump likely to cost and how much of a pain in the !Removed! is it going to be to fit? I'm quite handy with a set of spanners, but if theres any special tools then I will be shafted....
  7. Detecting bodywork colours

    Ford were really helpful with their paint codes on the chassis plates. As I recall my fester also has D2 under paint code and its state blue metallic. Ford Burgundy Red is available in spray bottles from most halfrauds for about 4 quid a piece. I'm sure they would be able to mix some up for you too if you like.