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  1. Thanks to all the replies. I also found this site which has helped. Just to let you know, I'm going to try the Uniroyal Rainexpert 1 or 2's on the strength of the reviews. From Which? they perform well, with a good balance of wear against grip... I'll update on how they get on. Thanks again, Have a Great Christmas and New Year!
  2. Hello, I've owned my MK3 Mondeo for 1 year now, its a 2006 2.0 Mondeo Edge (TDCi). It came when haggling with the Ford dealer with a new set of tyres (and quite a few other things) (I got a bargin) however in just 1 year, and only just 12K miles, I have been advised 3 of the 4 tyres are very close to the legal limit (the 4th on its way).. These are all equal wear, and the tracking, pressures have always been good. With such low mileage, I was a little surprised at how little mileage these Pirelli P6000 tyres seem to be quoted to do. Now looking for a set of 4 replacements, and have come to this forum wondering what are other people using? I'm looking for good all-rounders. Something that will do 20 - 30K (hopefully) and grip / not aquaplane on both country and motorway type roads. I've seen Michelin have an "Energy Saver" tyre that some reviews have quoted to do 40K miles+, one chap even quoted 110K - however for the size, weight, and fun the Mondeo can be to drive, would I be compromising the grip the P6000's currently provide? It seems rather an expense to buy new tyres each year. Does anyone have a good all-rounder for grip with minimal wear.. Really appreciate any recommendations to save my credit card each year :-)
  3. Hopefully this appends ok (Just joined) my Mondeo suffered from the same fault. After some investigation why the footwell behind the drivers seat was soaking wet, we found the cause which was a broken "membrane" within the passenger door. This was changed, and with some drying out, the car is perfect. Just a thought.