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  1. '05 Focus Tailgate/boot Problem

    RIGHT, i took the boot lining out on the passenger side. found a multi connector and took it appart and sprayed with a bit of 3in1 oil. went to the gym. when i got back it seemed to be sorted. happy days. I took the oppertunity to give the lock mechanism a good dousing with it as well. seems to be sorted but i dont know if its just because its dried out a bit. either way its working
  2. '05 Focus Tailgate/boot Problem

    ive found this http://passionford.com/forum/general-car-related-discussion/351816-55-plate-focus-boot-release-problem.html and this http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=66847 will investigate tomorrow.
  3. '05 Focus Tailgate/boot Problem

    hello, i have the exact same problem with the boot opening with the brake pedel being released! the switch works on the outside. Ive pulled the boot liner off and you can disconnect the micro switch and this has no effect on the issue. there doesnt seem to eb much, if any, water ingress. im stuck as to what to look at now as this is obviously not an isolated issue. and would like to know how to proceed. im thinking of swapping the lock mechanism out but as this appears to work (although at the wrong times) i dont want to spend 60 quid on something thats probably not the issue. does anyone else have any thoughts? are there any common issues with the wiring loom rubbing in the boot?

    so you think tis the actual bumper its self? i was thinking its the tailgage>

    Hello again folks, It appears that my boot is rattling over bumpy ground. i think this is the plastic cover ofer the rear of the hatchback as when you hit it it rattles. however does anyone else have a similar problem? or know if anything to fix it?
  6. disgusting smell!!

    unfortunatly i've started to get a smell of cabbage in a morning. Its only just after getting into the car and goes after a few mins. any ideas what this could be? bit like wet cabbage i think. And i dont thing its been dragged in by an !Removed! badger and stored in the glove box.... although i'll go and check.
  7. Ford Focus Problem

    probably not as its just the automatic choke
  8. Antifreeze and Oil question

    personally i would use castrol but you may need more than 4l for an oil change!!!!!! so it works out quite costly. So if your not a boy racer or doing mainly short trips just grab th halfords one and have done :)
  9. Antifreeze and Oil question

    you want the oat stuff. its pink so you cant miss it. as for oil stick with the 5w30 (or 10w 30) as your manual suggests unless your car has driven to the moon and back

    Just out of curiosity what rom are you rnning on your focus? ive got 0605 any advance on that?