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  1. Had new pagid discs and pads put on today will see what happens with these ones, hopefully there good 🙏🏻
  2. I’ll ask the garage to use them then and see what happens
  3. What discs do you recommend then? And what is eyhibgs? 😂
  4. Had brembo and aftermarket drilled and grooves one still happens and yes the garage confirmed with a dial gauge and the tracking keeps going out
  5. Both sides warp this is the problem I hit the front left into the curb.
  6. They didn’t get a warranty claim 6 times so you guess how much it’s cost me! I’ve been asked them Questions by the garage and the answer is no to all them. I’ve had the suspension arm replaced and had tie rod and track rod replaced
  7. Yeah was the whole thing and yeah had all that replaced
  8. I’ve even tired sport brakes(high performance) still warped after 400 miles
  9. I hit a Curb in the snow in February 2019, even since then my front brake discs keep warping, I’ve had 6 sets of discs and pads on there. Near side front hub has been replaced as that was bent from hitting the curb, had several garages look and all say they can’t find a problem. I’ve asked my local ford dealer they’ve never heard of a problem like this