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  1. I love my new "Jumpy" KA! OH loves his Fiesta!

    Hello James. Must admit, I think there seems to be more room inside this one rather than the previous model. It's been almost 2 months and just over 800 miles and I love it! Had no problems, leaks or anything. Only the number plate light which was replaced in a couple of days by Ford. Still loving it!!! :D . Though it's a bit of a b*gger to keep clean!
  2. Leak in brand new Ka

    Has it definately??? This really is worrying! Will be checking my KA tomorrow!
  3. I love my new "Jumpy" KA! OH loves his Fiesta!

    Glad someone else loves theirs too!! I'm so enjoying mine. It's a pleasure to drive. I wouldn't be so certain about better workmanship etc with Mercs and BMW's though! I know people who have had both and have had no end of grief! Not to mention horrendous costs. No thanks! I'll stick to my Ford! :D
  4. A clean Ka is a happy Ka

    Oh my gawd it's like a mirror!! Looks fantastic!
  5. Had no choice! Had to go to work! Been on the early shift (5am starts) since the freeze started so no public transport then even if I wanted to use it. I work on public transport anyway so have to get in to help others get to work. Roads have not been good close to home though the main roads not too bad. Just took it VERY easy. Last thing I want is an incident in my new car. No problems starting and heats up quickly. Definate bonus is the heated windscreen! Would definatlely rather not venture out at all! Day off tomorrow so car will not be moving.
  6. Leak in brand new Ka

    Totally agree with this! At the end of the day, you've obviously been sold a faulty product. What about all the inconvenience you've endured and are continuing to endure? It's really not on!
  7. Leak in brand new Ka

    :o This is all rather shocking!! Hope you guys get your cars sorted. You don't expect that! I got rid of my V reg due to loads of corrosion and occasionally having wet feet as it is. I've just bought a brand new Ka, only picked it up less than a week ago so will be keeping an eye out for any potential leaks! Thanks for the warning. Keep us posted on how you get on.
  8. My Ford Capri Mk3 3.0S Restoration

    I so love the Capri. My Dad had one when I was a kid and Hubby had one in the 80's. Will look forward to seeing more pics of the restoration!
  9. I love my new "Jumpy" KA! OH loves his Fiesta!

    Thanks Hendrix! There are pics in my album actually. I think people can see them, pretty new to this forum but I think they're available for all to see! I agree that all cars, especially new models tend to have problems. So far so good with mine! 112 miles done now and counting!
  10. disgusting smell!!

    I must admit, Baking soda is excellent for smells! I make my own carpet freshener with it and essential oils. Once I'd found the source of the smell it disappeared immediately, luckily! It was awful!
  11. I love my new "Jumpy" KA! OH loves his Fiesta!

    I'm hoping not to have too many problems!! I never had any trouble with the old one. It was faithful for the past 8 years, even with the corosion and leaks it still ran beautifully. I wasn't keen on the new style at first to be honest. I loved my old one but it needed 2grand worth of work! It had loads of rust, looking on here at what others have suffered, it appeared in the usual places plus a few more! Not to mention, it was leaking various fluids from just about everywhere despite regular maintainence and main dealer servicing/parts (costs!). I was so sad to see it go. It was a V reg so it did well. Wasn't keen on that "Jump" colour either! I wanted green and that was the only green they had! (I have a thing about green cars being lucky, mad I know but it's kept me out of trouble and this is my third green car!) I didn't fancy waiting for months for another colour either as I couldn't! It was a case of stumping up 2 grand to keep the old one on the road or going for the new one! Must admit, I don't see much shouting on here about the Ka! Maybe that will change in time, I do hope so. Happy New Year to you too!
  12. Hubby's Fiesta Zetec in Vision

    Newly purchased along with my Ka Zetec
  13. Collected my Ka Zetec in "Jump" ( :P )on the 30th! I was so sad to see my former Ka go though! Have to say I'm loving the new one. The colour is growing on me even more. Even though a work colleague called it "Tennis Ball Green" yesterday! It runs like a dream with no rattles compared to my last one, such a difference. Heated windscreen? well WOW! So good in the frost and no scraping! Only minor thing, so far, is one of the number plate lights have gone out. It even told me on the dash that it had too. Not used to these luxuries. I'll be popping it back to Fords asap. I'd change it myself to avoid the aggro but don't want to fiddle about at this early stage of ownership! Hubby picked up his Fiesta Zetec in Vision at the same time, he's loving that too! We can't decide what one to go out in at the mo and there are fights as to who's going to pick up a pint of milk! Ordered Chinese last night and they weren't delivering, neither of us had any qualms about collecting it! It's great! I could go on about it all day!
  14. Ka Zetec

    My new baby! The colour is "Jump". Have to say, wasn't that keen on having this colour at first but it grew on me! Love this car and thoroughly enjoying it.
  15. Ka Collection

    Some of my old baby, sadly gone on the scrappage deal for a new Ka.