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  1. Had 1.4 TDCi since July 2009 - 16800 miles. I've had 1.) Cold weather starting - engine would crank for 10 seconds, or longer - and occasionally "miss" (Dunno how else to describe it) how old diesels often do when they're struggling to catch. Semi-fixed by "Software update" - but still occasionally sounds like it's struggling to start when the temperature is low (It's never NOT started first time, it just has that air of struggling a little) 2.) Fuel leaks out - replaced fuel filler neck, didn't fix the problem. Then got told that I'm not filling the car up properly. HAHA! There is an overflow pipe, which, if you hold the fuel nozzle in wrong - fuel comes out of it. Design fault for sure, but Ford are fobbing people off by telling them they don't know how to fuel it properly, which is total BS, they just wont recall it for that. 3.) When it's been raining a lot or is wet - I get a whistly rough noise at low revs. Goes away when driven for 20 minutes or longer (ish) - doesn't sound that great though. Overall there is a little bit of turbo whiney-ness, but only in 1st and 2nd gear. This might be the transmission though I guess (Any comments?) 4.) Rattling interior - I pull over a lot and hit it. A lot. Crap plastics, don't sit flush, etc. 5.) Squeaky/rattling at about 2000 RPM when accelerating hard - doesn't happen outside of this - if you put the windows down you can't hear it - only IN the car (but it's NOT inside the cabin) - anyone got any idea what this could be!? Doesn't do it when you hit your cruising speed and it fades to nothing when you get near 3000 RPM, or decelerating. 6.) Power steering feels nice and light when I set off, then relatively heavy when I get to where I'm going. Like it can only give me proper power for a bit, then runs out of juice. Not that much of a problem really. 7.) Idle - if i flick to neutral and coast, the car sometimes nearly stalls - revs drop quite low, then they pick up and sometimes will shoot over 1k RPMs. With climate control off, or in cold weather - car is stallable and feels a bit weak and pathetic. In warm weather with the climate control on - I get more revs at idle and it's impossible to stall! Again, just irritates me a bit. 8.) under the bonnet there are bits of rubber and plastic and trim which have come loose or do not fit properly. No wonder I get 4.) and 5.) really in that case is it! Car is ok - I lease it til 2012 - will not be having another Ford though. Wouldnt mind any comments or ideas relating to 4, 5, 6 or 7? Interested to know if these items have appeared on any of your fiestas - particularly with the same engine (1.4 or 1.6 TDCi) Cheers!
  2. 09 1.4TDCi

    Hi guys, I lease an 09 1.4 TDCi Fiesta Titanium, which has thus far been a good car, however recently it's not filling me with much confidence as it's cranking over for up to 10 seconds at times (when cold) and occasionally coughing/spluttering when trying to start, which is something I expect of old knackered diesels perhaps! It has always started first time (so far...), but a few times I've almost stopped cranking it just as it's started as it doesn't feel like it's going to catch. It has corresponded with cold weather....but I always let the glow plug light go out (which is always only 1 second) I've had diesel's in the past (BMW 320D, Golf TDI) and they have always been very solid and reliable regardless of the weather being cold, so i can't see how this is normal for a new car. I'm kinda loathed to take it to Ford - I'm not sure whether I'll have to pay for anything and the car IS starting up at the moment, but I wonder for how much longer. I've only done 5100 miles and had it since August. Just after some advice really on whether I can get Ford to look at it without it costing me much, or anything, at the end of the day it should be under warranty? Thanks for any advice.