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  1. Hello, does anyone knows which rear discs (from which ford model) can be fitted to transit courier straight without any mods ?
  2. Guys do not forget that we are talkig for two completely different cars. Fors Transit Courier is a van being used to carry boxes etc, fiesta is a passenger's car. So if you install a set of spring from a passenger's car to a commercial van it won't work properly. Best solution for my opinion to have a proper suspension is a coilover set made for our van, not for passenger's car.
  3. Ford Transit Courier 1.5 Tdci with 18” Magnetite machined wheels from Ford Fiesta ST3
  4. Nice! You have painted everything white!! What springs/suspension you have installed? P.S: keep in mind that 18” wheels from Fiesta ST3 fit also perfect
  5. 18 inch , 7.5X18, 4 X108, ET43 These are the standard dimension that can be fitted to your Transit Courier..
  6. Yes but the current one doesn t have cruise control buttons.
  7. Hello, Does anybody knows if a steering wheel from a Fiesta ST mk7-8 can be fitted to a Transit Courier 2017 model and if yes does it needs to be coded or it is just a plug n play issue?
  8. Looks nice. Have you thought to install a coilover set, or sport springs? What about braking system...?