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  1. Hi. Is there a lifting trolley puck that anyone can recommend to lift an Ecoboost? All the ones that I have looked at have slots that are not deep enough to clear the approximately 22mm deep seam at the lifting point. I have a Sealley jack which will take 50mm diameter puck. I don't think over size would be an issue though. Or am I missing something and the puck can jam up onto the edge of the seam?
  2. Well the original post was on the 19th but I do take your point.
  3. Surely someone on here must have one of these cars???? Or something similar, diesel model??
  4. Hi I have just bought the car and have a few questions. Should the arm rest have an internal removable box? I had a CMax before and the box was slotted to take cd's and I assumed the fiesta had the same but it didn't come with one. Should there be a belly pan under the engine? I prefer the drivers chair to be in the highest position but have noticed the chair keeps dropping! Is there an upgrade/easy fix to this? Thanks Glenn
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