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  1. Plastic Cover on Wing Mirror HELP PLEASE!

    Thanks Guys, wing mirror man said they dont supply just that part... but they sell the whole thing... random? just sent an email off to quicko regarding this :) Thanks again Mikey
  2. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    beatty36 your clearly an idiot and have no idea what your going on about.... the live cable is fully insulated and fused and both ends... live cables run all the way through the car...
  3. Hi There, in need of some help please! someone nicely decided to smash my wing mirror off then drive off this week! ive managed to get another wing mirror but hasn't got the painted plastic cover.... as the full mirror from ford it £210 with fitting! any idea where i can get one from, im guessing ford do it separately but at a disgusting overpriced cost! any help would be great thanks! Mikey
  4. I'm thinking about getting a zetec

    Zetec S All the way
  5. Headlight Bulbs blowing on MK7 Fiesta

    I've heard it just 2 screws and a clip? ive heard its a nice simple job? reading another topic on headlight changes?
  6. Mk7 Exhaust from Piper

    haha you know mate! north wales though! thats a mission!!
  7. Mk7 Exhaust from Piper

    They have already got my 1.6 TDCi booked in so if you got another model might wanna jump on it, i can see it getting pretty full quickly! and its only half hour away for me! shweeeet!! good times!
  8. Headlight Bulbs blowing on MK7 Fiesta

    My 58 fiesta's headlight went, then the other a week after at 14k 11Months. ive just ordered LOTS of bulbs for my 59 fiesta, new h7 bluevision headlights with bluevision sidelights white led bulbs for number plate and main interior light blue led blubs for the footwells and boot I'll let you know how they are once receieved :D
  9. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    ill take pics of it all tonight and post on, steves original place of grounding for the sub is perfect.. works a treat. i found a cheeky hole while the bonnet was open for the power cable to go through, it then goes into the car via the main door gromet, so you cant see any cables unless you look seriously hard haha its then fed down into the door well along with the remote (battery) live cable was my first fit (had done some speaker changes before though) and went really well! :)
  10. is there going to be a mk7 st ???

    I'm just going by what the dealer said, you know what dealers are like! they probably do depreciate like that but he wasn't going to say it :P maybe an RS is on the way i think the ST is a 99% no.
  11. is there going to be a mk7 st ???

    When picking up my 59 fiesta i drove the dealer back to mine to pick up my 58 zetec s and i asked the question..... he said.... they won't do an ST, because of the mountune and the standard petrol it wouldnt be worth doing an ST because of slim power differences... BUT... He gave a little hint at a RS version with A LOT more power, he said the focus ST and RS are flying out and hold their value so would the fiesta RS. Cheeky!!
  12. Zetec S in Bulk

  13. ! Guide ! Installing A Sub Box To Mk7

    Right, my 12" Vibe CBR Active Sub is in my boot, I've run my audio cables driver side and my power cables passenger side! (All Good) I'm running the sub through the rear speakers, if your going to do this i recommend doing it properly, i see where Steve is coming from and it can be taken out without anyone knowing but i can see the wires popping out all the time! and the effort to get the dash out is not worth the hassle i have scalpeled off the plastic coating on 2mm of the wire b4 the multiblock, you dont even have to take the cd player out. just disconnect the multiblock below it. i then soldered on my converter cables (2 postive, 2 negative and a ground cable) then i put insulation/electrical tape round the joins. this way there is a solid connection, it will not come out and it will sound better. this is how a professional fitter would do the job! you could take all off it off and all you would see is a bit of bare cable on the speaker cable, this would be covered by insulation tape and it would be back to normal. Its been asked a couple of times now which cables are the rear speakers, the top level are positive and the bottom are negative, the rear speakers are not next to eachother on the block, they are the WHITE/BROWN AND BLUE/BROWN the other rear speaker is GREEN/WHITE AND BROWN/YELLOW Also on my 59 Fiesta, might be different from steves but i wouldnt of thought so, there is a couple of extra cables in the multiblock next to the speaker cables, they have a 3/4 V current passing through them, im not entirely sure what these are for but leave them be! dont connect speakers too them, i think it could get ugly! use a multimeter to find these cables and steer clear :) other than that a pretty simple install, just take your time. This job is definately worth doing its a really good upgrade! Any questions please ask :) Mikey
  14. my mk7 fiesta

    Car looks awesome mate I'm on my 2nd Zetec S, i have to drive 80 miles a day for work so i had to get the diesel! :( so no point me putting air filter upgrade etc. Ive got a sub in the back though, really makes it sound good! Ive got the bluevision headlights and sidelights on order too. I'm gonna go for led lights in the number plate bulbs, are they just 501's? Just wanna double check b4 i order. would these fit the bill? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2x-4-LED-Xenon-white...=item2ea9fcf1b9 Cheers, Mikey