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  1. Just picked my car up and it's all sorted now. It was the top nut on the strut mount BOTH SIDES, I've owned the car since June/July and never done anything to the strut mounts. The guy said that they were so loose he could just freely move them around with a screwdriver both sides and was very surprised when I told him that I've never removed the struts or had a coil spring done. (it was actually one of the only things I hadn't checked as I don't have a difficult access socket set and once I saw I couldn't reach the bolt I didn't think to try move it by hand) Cost me half an hours
  2. I've had another family member drive my car and they seem to think it's coming from the same area as me, as far as I can tell that's where it's coming from. It may be worth trying to listen from outside the car. I have dropped it in to the same mechanic who changed my wheel bearing while I'm at work today and he's going to give it a quick test drive and see if he can help diagnose what the issue is. I'll keep this thread updated
  3. Thinking about it, i should probably go over all of the strut bolts to make sure they're tight. Going ot get that done tomorrow i think, imagine if all of this was just a loose strut mount/top bolt 😂 I also have some new sway bar bushes on the way as they're only cheap and why not right?
  4. It took a little while due to work/christmas/new year but i have returned with an update. I have installed new drop links both sides which unfortunately did not solve the issue so i ordered a complete lower control arm and fitted that yesterday. I am still having the same knocking noise 😞 (I think it's time to take it to a mechanic and see if he can help me locate the issue) Thanks for the help guys, although the new parts didn't solve my issue the parts i took out were very much past it and would have probably gone fairly soon so the effort was not wasted 😄
  5. I've got two new ones on the way, thought i may as well replace them as it can't really hurt. Thanks for the advice, i'll update this thread when i've fitted them. Provided that the courier delivers on the 24th i should have them delivered and fitted that evening. Thanks again, Luke
  6. Thanks again for the replies, i managed to get the top part of the drop link tightened up by hand without it trying to spin too much. I got it hand tightened as much as i could and then went for a quick test drive. It was more or less the same except it (Feels) like its a bit less frequent now. I think i'll try and get these changed ASAP. Would it be wise to do a journey with it like this or do you think it'd be fairly okay as long as its sorted soon? Luke
  7. So i am back and i've recorded a few videos just to see if anybody can help me pinpoint the issue. Here is a video of a short drive, just up the road: Short drive knocking Another video of the play i observed: Hub Play And two more videos showing the sway bar link which i seem to be able to move by hand whether the suspension in loaded or not (which i think should not be the case?) Sway bar link - no load Sway bar link - with load I have also had a look at my bottom ball joint and the rubber seems to be intact and actually quite clean, no cracks and no movement wi
  8. In the morning i'll get a couple short videos, one of the hub assembly play that i observed as well as another video to capture the sound that it makes and see if that will help.
  9. I gave it a shot with the socket but i cant get much movement out of it at all, i got a long breaker bar while i was there but still nothing. I guess it's back to the garage on monday (if they're open) or i don't see my family this christmas/risk driving with the car in that condition.
  10. Thanks for the reply, i think i'm going to nip to Halfords and pick up a socket to fit it and see what i can do. I don't really have a long breaker bar to do it with (mine is only an 11inch one).
  11. Hi Everyone, this is my first post here. I am looking for some help, i recently had a wheel bearing replacement (yesterday) on the front right and since collecting it from the garage and driving it home i have noticed a noise whenever i go over bumps, a tapping sound, sounds almost like a horse clopping. I thought it may have been a CV issue although it didnt seem consistant enough and doesnt change when i turn in either direction. I had 2 new front tyres today and i asked if they could just have a quick look at the CV boot while they have it in the air just to make sure there are no tear
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