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  1. That’s great thank you I’ve brought a reverse camera kit that has all the equipment needed
  2. @jpw I have this wiring harness that came attached with the USB HUB. Any clue what it could be for....
  3. @JPW which after market reverse camera would you recommend, I have found two variants. Will these be able to connect to the reverse camera adapter? Hope you can help
  4. @JPW that’s great, can’t wait for it all to arrive. start working on it and changing everything over. ben
  5. Brilliant that’s great @JPW you know the additional wiring that is needed what voltage/amp would you recommend buying. kind regards
  6. Yes it is I believe, I followed your link to the one on amazon. with regards to the additional wiring that you used the old Ethernet cable what type of cable/wire would you recommend if I was to buy the additional wiring.
  7. Hi james, I am wondering if you can help with my current stereo it don’t have gps antenna, where as with the equipment I’ve sourced for the sync 3 concersion it has the antenna, where do I place the antenna. the only worry I have with this all is the wiring and re-wiring. Luckily I am I suing prime audio based in Yorkshire to fit/ program sync 3 along with after market reverse camera. kind regards Ben
  8. Thank you, is it worth the time, hassle and money. The only reason I want to do it is so I don’t have to use my external sat nav. As well as it looks so much smarter
  9. Hi. I am wanting to do the upgrade from non sync to sync 3 I’ve managed to source all the parts needed except for the mini usb to mini usb cable, any advice would be great
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