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  1. Yes but it’s in place. I have taken another look and K41 relay seems to be the one with a red X (added a picture). It has 4 pins and is the 4th down but it isnt black, its grey, could it be an empty relay? Thanks😁
  2. Bummer, I don’t have any relays (added a picture). I dont get it, all the wiring is in place but there is no relay. I know that my seat adapter has the wires for the heated seats in them.. Im clueless And also thanks again for the reply
  3. Hello mate I’ve found the second fuse under the bonnet but it still doesnt work ;( Still, many thanks because I’m one step closer.
  4. Hello I’ve recently purchased heated seats for me ‘06 Mondeo. The seat I’ve bought has heated seats, my previous ones didn’t. I’ve checked the wiring loom on my connector and both adapters are wired for heated seats. I’ve also checked behind the coin holder for the heated seat wiring and it was all in place. After fitting the switch, seats and the fuse, the lights on the switch light up but the seats stay cold. Anyone who has an idea? Maybe ECU related? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello guys I had bought some nice leather seats for my mk3 mondeo but there was no wiring on the passenger side. Anyways, after rerouting the wire from the driver side, the drivers side seats electric did not work. It doesnt have anything to do with the wiring of the car because the electric seat still works if I put my old seats in it. I also have tested if there was any electricity coming from the cables and there was. So it’s definetly the seat and not the car’s wire. Could it be that I shorted something on the leather seat? Are there any fuses on the seat itself? Many thanks and stay safe during the virus outbreak😁 Edit: The car is a MK3 B5Y Mondeo 2.0 Tdci
  6. On my MK3 Mondeo it was the button with the phone symbol on it. Try that.
  7. Hello guys I’ve looked online but cant find anything to answer my question. I’ve found a Mondeo mk3 bumper and the spoiler for the trunk but its from a sedan and mine is a B5Y hatchback. Both have the same colourcode and both are facelift. Does anyone know if a sedan bumper or spoiler will fit on the hathback? Thanks😁
  8. No need. I just tested isetta’s method and it worked like a charm! Thanks @nicam49 and @isetta Feel free to pm me if anyone reading this has a question.
  9. I bought another adapter (with the wires in it, the black and orange one are for the seat adjustments). I just might cut the wires and place it in mine and add the 2 wires from the drivers side. Im just worried that if I dont do it well, the airbag light might not go away because there are some thin wires. I’ll give a try. Thanks by the way 🙂
  10. Hello guys I recently bought leather electric seats for my Mondeo MK3. The previous driver seat was electric but the passenger side was manually adjusted. Suprise suprise, after installing the new seats, only the electrics on the driver sides work. I checked the wiring on the passenger side, afaik the pin below the bolt is for the electric seat and my car does not have wiring for that pin (check the picture). Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance