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  1. I will try to upgrade it. I think the module is to the right side, close to the glove box. It will probably work after plug and play
  2. fgservo, could you tell me what apim number do you have ? Juste get up to the this menu, you should have EB1T or D1BT. Mine is AM5T. Many thanks
  3. Many thanks for the link. I downloaded it but it doesn't work. Unfortunately, my fiesta has Sync 1.0. I will try to change the APIM system. https://www.befr.ebay.be/itm/FORD-FIESTA-BLUETOOTH-MODULE-2016/153748274649?hash=item23cc1c7dd9:g:RL4AAOSwT9Zd5kkb Did someone try to upgrade ?
  4. Your software is already up-to-date. No action is required. No way by the official website 😞
  5. Hello Thanasis. Thank you for your answer. Is it possible to get a link for the update ?
  6. Hi there. Can someone confirme i have SYNC 1.0 (not 1.1) For SYNC 1.0, the last version is 5.9 ? Where Can I found a link please ? Cheers
  7. Thank for your answer. I found the problem. On the Red Edition, the Sync 2 version was more recent and the functionality when playing a USB song was more advanced. I tried to update from the Ford Website but no update available with my vin Wf0cxxgakcdc70088 Is there no way to install a update ?
  8. I there. Sorry for my bad english. :) I got a Fiesta St2 2013 (Synq 2). When I’m in USB menu, I check my folders like on my computer (window). I can get in and get back on my folders. But when I listen a track, there’s no way to get back on the folder. If I push on the left arrow, the system sends me on the main USB menu. I have to click, once again, on the RESEARCH USB. I didn’t have this problem with my Red Edition (2016). There is no sync update on the ford website ? After I sent my VIN, website said : no update available. Hope you will understand me 😀.
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