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  1. Need some help with upgrading the sound system on mk3. It’s not the Sony one and has sync 1 i believe. Do I need coaxial or component speakers? I’m also planning on replacing the tweeters, does anyone know what size do I need? Also, do I need to replace the head unit to sync3 to really feel the benefit?
  2. I saw these but they look different and it says it’s door panel. The part I removed is the plastic bit at the bottom near the floor that holds the carpet.
  3. can someone point me in a right direction regarding these panel clips please? These are from the bottom trim near passengers doors. One broke and can’t seem to find the correct one on eBay or anywhere else
  4. My carpets even at the front were soaked which I discovered this weekend. I have dried them and sealed the air vents behind the rear number. The only issue is that I can feel the insulation underneath is soaked. I can’t find a guide on how to at least partially remove or lift the carpets to dry it out. I don’t want to take the central console out, however struggle to understand how to remove plastic covers at the bottom near car doors. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. Hi bud, do you have a speaker set you would recommend or planning on buying alongside with that unit? Is yours MK3 too?
  6. Is there a guide or a video on how to at least partially remove the carpets let’s stay from front to back or back to front? I can feel dampness underneath and can imagine the sound insulation will not dry without removing them.
  7. Uk. Checked eBay and sync 3 is going for £300
  8. Will try to find it thanks. What would you say is a reasonable price?
  9. Is it a case of plug and play? Does it have same plugs as my old (sync 1 I assume)?
  10. Thanks for the advise. Would you say it’s better to replace with sync 3 fit an amp and replace speakers? Would amp like this work? Alpine KTP-445 Head Unit In Line Power Amplifier
  11. Where do I get one from? How easy are they to fit in?
  12. All sealed now. Will check in a few days and hopefully won’t find any water . Any downside if I just remove the rubber plugs from underneath and if there’s more water it will just come out?
  13. I just want to have sat nav and better audio. I’m also replacing speakers.
  14. I just checked my car. And it’s a disaster. The whole car is flooded even the front mats are soaked. How do I even start to dry them out? If I press on the floor with my hand it seems like there’s litres of water. I live in uk and it’s been raining for months
  15. Thanks for all suggestions. I have a bigger problem, my car is full of water after heavy rains. I saw that sticky post and checked spare tyre it was full of water. The whole inside of the car even the front is soaked. And I don’t know how to dry it it this weather or even remove the floor.